October 26th, 2010

Trying to stay in the political game, former congressman Ed Case, who came in third in the May special election for the 1st Congressional District, issued his endorsements for the upcoming general election.

A message e-mailed to supporters yesterday begins:

Dear Friend:

My name is Ed and I’m a moderate independent.

He goes on to state that the choices for the top two races (Hawaii governor and CD1) are difficult, notably because while all of the candidates are accomplished and capable, none has pursued a particularly moderate independent path during their time in office.

Not surprisingly, he picks Abercrombie/Schatz over Aiona/Finnegan and Colleen Hanabusa over Charles Djou.

In the end, it should and does come down to their values: what they believe and whether their perspectives and solutions would work best for most for longest. It should and does come down to who can and will govern under the bigger tent.

In this contrast of values and governance, I choose Abercrombie and Hanabusa.

Yes, it is in part because they are, like me, Democrats, and because I believe that, in this partisan world, our party – on balance, over time and despite missteps – has offered the better overall solutions. But that’s not ultimately why. The why is that I believe their values and abilities better represent the mainstream of our Hawai‘i, where us moderate independents live and work.

4 Responses to “Endors(Ed)”

  1. oknotok:

    How did Abercrombie go from being one of the most liberal congressmen to suddenly moderate in values?

    Are we subtly, or maybe not so subtly, trying to move certain values from extremely liberal to progressive to moderate?

  2. Linkmeister:

    I can top Ed Case’s endorsement. This morning I got the following Robocall: “Hi, Stephen. Pat Boone here. Yeah, that “Love Letters in the Sand” guy. I’m still performing in concert and on TV, but today I’m singing the praises of Charles Djou (Republican incumbent and candidate for HI-01).”

    Good thing it was taped. Live, I’d have laughed at him.

  3. Michael:

    A horse is a horse unless his name is Mr. Ed.

  4. OldDiver:

    Neil Abercrombie seems left wing because what was once a middle of the road conservative Republican Party is now a right wing fringe cult.

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