`Escalating insults’

May 26th, 2012

U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono has objected to what she describes as “escalating insults” from former congressman Ed Case in their Democratic primary for U.S. Senate.

The latest was an interview Case gave to Hawaii Reporter, an online news site, where the former congressman said he hoped the campaign would move beyond the candidates’ backgrounds.

From Case:

We know that Mazie was born in Japan and then immigrated to this country at a young age and was brought up by a single mother. That’s something that she’s been very clear about right from the get-go. And people know, I hope people know, I was born and raised in Hilo, fourth generation of my family in Hawaii, and I have deep roots here, and worked in the private and public sectors. So I think people have a general sense of who we are. Now it’s time to discuss, what does that translate into? We’ve both served in the United States Congress, we both have comparable public service careers, I’ve had thirty years in the private sector which she hasn’t had any. But I think the bottom line is what have we done with our upbringings. What is our record in Congress. What do we think, today. And what is our agenda, going forward. I think those are fair questions. And I think what’s going to happen in all honesty is we’re going to get into the last eighty days and Mazie is just going to remain stuck in the past, keep on talking about you know, her background and never translating it to, you know, record, thoughts, agenda.

Hirono’s response:

In just the past four days, Ed Case has compared me to a “bowl of warm jello,” called me “pathetic,” and labeled me “sad.” This pattern of behavior is profoundly disappointing but no one should worry—I can take those insults. I have faced far greater challenges in my life than personal attacks from an opponent in a political campaign. But last night, Ed Case crossed the line that we do not cross in Hawaii, denigrating my personal background and my family. I would ask, in his campaign of escalating insults, that Ed Case leave my mother out of it.

15 Responses to “`Escalating insults’”

  1. Manoa_Fisherman:

    Case is astounding in his inability to stick to the issues and use the attack style of his past that sounds like a whining kid who doesn’t get his way. We cannot be burdened with a United States Senator who thinks and acts like a child. Too late to grow up and learn how to act like an adult at the cost of the voters of Hawaii.

  2. Recce:

    First off, I don’t see any evidence of an “attack” here. Lazy Mazie is getting desperate. To accuse Case of denigrating her mother is nothing but a sad attempt to gin up some phony indignation and outrage. All you have to do is listen to her when she gives one of her canned speeches. She never misses an opportunity to tell the tale of how her mother came to this country with little and sacrificed even that to raise her. Indeed, her mother is an example of all that is good and right about America. Not so much the daughter.

    And @Manoa Fisherman, you would rather be burdened with a United States Senator who doesn’t think nor act?

  3. NuuanuGood:

    I don’t see a race or ethnicity insult here. I see a description, facts. mais

  4. Nuuanu:

    Am I missing something here? I don’t see any slur or insult…I see a description, facts. why is Mazie so sensitive?

  5. hossana:

    I, at one time, supported Case but his arrogance and whining like a little boy heaping insults on Hirono is getting to be very tiresome and irritating. I do realize the position he is in and he needs a debate with Hirono to escalate his public image but these past few years he has become that arrogant little boy attacking anyone and everybody and has shown no character or class in his position as a candidate for the U.S. Senate. I will never vote for Case who I find to be insulting in his demeanor and no respect for U.S. Senator Akaka and now with U.S. House Rep. Hirono.

  6. CocosChoice:

    Interesting… I saw it the other way around, Manoa_Fisherman. Mazie’s response is more of the same, with still no focus on the issues facing our state, and our nation. By saying, ‘our backgrounds are established, let’s talk about something else,’ I can’t say that Case is “denigrating [Mazie's] personal background]”.

    Ed’s right, let’s move on to the issues of the day.

  7. Atomic Monkey:

    Hey, where the media coverage? Case’s remarks are at least at “racist” as your wife using her japanese middle name. Where’s the outrage? It’s all theater of the absurd.

  8. lowcal boy:

    Case: “We know that Mazie was born in Japan and then immigrated to this country at a young age and was brought up by a single mother. That’s something that she’s been very clear about right from the get-go.” How is that statement insulting to Hirono? Whenever we hear from Hirono, which is pretty much only in her campaign ads, SHE brings it up. He did not say anything close to being “denigrating” to her personal background. What a joke!

    And he didn’t call YOU a “bowl of warm jello”… he was referring to getting any substantive ideas from you campaign.

    “Pathetic” and “sad”… those I got to say are right on descriptions of your handlers not wanting to share the real Hirono with the public.

  9. innocent observer:

    case is using the cayatano campaign strategy, insult your opponent to hell, maybe somebody will believe it is fact. both have not class.

  10. Goober:

    It was a missionary or missionaries that brought the word “racist” to Hawaii.

    Local people who are not Caucasian would take offense to Case(d) closed and not vote for this person even if born in Hawaii. Takes more than just being born in Hawaii to be local.

  11. kama'aina808:

    Ed Case is such a slime ball. Don’t want him representing me, that’s all I know.

  12. Time 4 Change:

    Lazie sures sounds like the whiny kid here, who needs to grow up. Throwing another red herring to try to make it look like her mother was insulted. Lazie knows that everyone has no clue what she has done for Hawaii, even she can’t even find one. Her only accomplishment is being a yes man and doormat for Corporate Mainland Liberals. I have to admit that she is an expert on ditiching debates and throwing out red herrings. Go Lazie Go Lazie.

  13. Manoa_Fisherman:


    I have dealt with both Hirono and Case on political and constiuent matters. Both have good and bad points. Hirono has no people skills and is seen by many to be aloof and unconcerned with her constituents. Case is seen as having no ability to work with anyone, going back to his tenure in the State Legislature when he even voted against the Democratic caucus positions when he was Majority Leader.

    Case has never passed a bill while in the Legislature or in Congress. Hirono has passed legislation in while Consumer Protection Committee chair that has been seen as fair and reasonable.

    Both Hirono and Case are smart and intelligent lawyers, but my experience with them is that Hirono probably has the edge on being the smarter of the two. Hirono is not a smiling, back slapping politician and is a rather cold fish when it comes to politiking, but she does work hard. Case is a failed politician that is more and more like a used car salesman and keeps hitting the same points on the lemon he is trying to sell, himself. If anyone wants to vote for Case, go ahead and I have some great AOL/Facebook stock to sell to you at the same time.

  14. Recce:

    Thanks, Manoa!

  15. Goober:

    Hirono needs to strengthen herself against lingle. Hirono lost to lingle in her campaign for governor.

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