`Especially disappointing’

May 28th, 2012

Lenny Klompus, the deputy campaign manager for former Gov. Linda Lingle’s Republican Senate campaign, has taken issue with U.S. Sen. Daniel Inouye’s remarks on Sunday at the state Democratic convention.

Inouye, D-Hawaii, who supports U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono for Senate, said on Sunday that if Republicans capture the Senate he would lose his chairmanship of the Senate Appropriations Committee and title of Senate President Pro Tempore.

He said Lingle left the governor’s office “in shambles.” He also doubted her claims that she would be bipartisan in the Senate and would function as a partner, like his friend, the late U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, did for decades.

“I can’t believe it. She comes on and she says `I am bipartisan,’” Inouye told delegates. “And she says I want to be a partner to Dan, just like Ted Stevens. Let me assure you: she is not any Ted Stevens.”

From Klompus:

Sen. Inouye should be commended for his brave heroism on the battlefields in defense of freedom during World War II, and for his decades of service to the people of Hawaii as our state’s U.S. Senator in Congress.

In light of his past service, it’s especially disappointing to see someone of Sen. Inouye’s stature caving to the pressures of his political party to fall into the typical, divisive, counter-productive partisan, DC-style attacks that so often dominate the election season. He should know better than anyone that Hawaii’s voters are tired of the same old political gamesmanship that too often dominates useful dialogue in the public arena.

We all knew that when Democrat leaders from across the state gathered at their party’s convention, they would be talking about anything but the important issues facing the people of Hawaii. But I believe Hawaii voters expect more from a statesman of Sen. Inouye’s stature, who witnesses on a daily, first-hand basis how the U.S. Congress is in a perpetual state of gridlock precisely because of this type of corrosive partisan behavior.

Now should be a time when we are examining the candidates’ records, their stances on the issues, and their visions for Hawaii’s future, not wasting time listening to distortions, insults, and patently false statements that he and others made at their Democrat Party Convention over the weekend.

While singing the praises of President Obama, Sen. Inouye neglects to remind people of what a staunch supporter he was of now Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when she was opposing then-Sen. Obama in the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries. Election season seems to bring out the worst in people, even American heroes like Dan Inouye.

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  1. Atomic Monkey:

    “Especially disappointing???” What were you expecting, Lenny, an endorsement?

  2. David Heaukulani:

    Will she be bi-partisan enough to vote for Obama’s jobs bill? And keep Obama’s the health care Act alive? Or will she give the same reasons that Mitch and Boener give for voting against these measures? Forget, I know the answer.

  3. Bart Dame:

    I can understand why Lingle spinmeister insists on grinding out press releases before, during and immediately after the Democratic state convention. It is a rule of politics to try to steal the other side’s thunder. And I can understand, on a slow day, reprinting ONE of his warped narratives. But why so many, when they all say the same thing: “Democrats bad; Lingle bi-partisan”?

    Newsworthy? I don’t see it.

  4. innocent observer:

    agree with Dan – lingle is hardly a ted stevens. she is a liar like all repubs, bipartisan – not on you lifetime. she worshiped bush and palin, two of the worst nitwit politicians. so you can see how she thinks, she like mediocre people. everyone knows how bad bush and palin are but she praised them. ludicrous.

  5. Manoa Mist:


  6. CocosChoice:

    Uncle Dan has previously been a statesmen. For him to attack Lingle’s character is surprising, and – happen to agree with Klompus on this one – disappointing.

  7. Goober:


  8. mkz:

    Why don’t both side discuss issues? Enuff of the banter back and forth. We (Hawaii residents and, yes, voters) are struggling. I didn’t hear one word this past weekend about what any Democrat would do help me today or tomorrow. It was all about why this person is bad, or this person would vote for bad legislation. Not a word about ME! Many of my friends are already sick of the campaign season. We won’t vote straight D or R. We will vote for the person who has real ideas and real solutions. The campaigns better get their act together or they will see the lowest voter turnout ever!

  9. PolitiNalo Guy:

    I agree with MKZ, all the coverage from this weekend seemed to be about how “diabolical” anyone who isn’t a card-carrying democrat is, or that this race is about beating republicans. Not one word about what anyone intends to do for Hawaii. Cost of food, gas, electricity, lack of high paying jobs. These are problems that we need civic leaders to address.

    On another hand, I think Uncle Dan lost all credibility when in the same breath, after tarring Lingle, he had the gall to say “thank God we have Neil (Abercrombie).” Speaks for itself.

  10. Reality Based:

    I want to thank the BoE/DoE/HSTA for inventing Furlough Fridays and I want to thank the Democrat media for blaming Lingle. I get a day off–paid now–and my union bosses get to elect more Democrats. As in any good business, everybody comes out a winner–except the public. But hey, who cares about them?

  11. Bart Dame:


    You wrote:

    “I didn’t hear one word this past weekend about what any Democrat would do help me today or tomorrow.”

    I find that to be an odd complaint. Where and how were you listening in order to “hear” what the Democrats were saying about the issues facing Hawaii residents? There were lengthy committee meetings debating alternate proposals for improving the economy, healthcare, social services ,education, the environment, etc. There were and additional four panels where debates were held over the undersea cable proposal, the Train, healthcare and jobs. But you “didn’t hear one word”? Were you there? Or are you expecting the news media to spoon feed you?

    So whose fault is that? Based upon your use of Lenny Klompus’s talking point for this convention: “The Dems only attack Republicans and don’t propose solutions,” it is pretty obvious you live in a GOP-centric bubble. How effective was the GOP state convention at proposing solutions to the real challenges facing Hawaii residents? Or couldn’t you hear much beyond “family values,” “liberty,” “job creators,” and other meaningless mumbles?

    The Democratic Party remains the party of ideas, rooted broadly among Hawaii’s various communities and interests. The GOP is a stance hybrid of religious bigotry, business greed and “RINO” careerists. If you “hear” solutions in GOP-talk, your hearing is warped.

  12. Bart Dame:

    I tried to type:

    “The GOP is a strange hybrid of religious bigotry, business greed and “RINO” careerists.

  13. ohiaforest3400:

    Lenny Don’t Know Bupkiss. Linda Lingle will be Mitch McConell’s bee-otch, all to aid her national aspirations. She wants national office not because she wants to serve Hawaii. She wants it because she wants to use Hawaii for her own agenda. Just like Mufi. Sorry, it had to be said.

  14. Goober:

    Francis is not Native Hawaiian.

    lingle is a missionary on her own mission. she needs to go back to Venus and find out who she really is. Stop by Mars and say hi to Bruno.

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