January 27th, 2012

The state Senate Judiciary and Labor Committee advanced a bill on Friday that would exempt members of task forces chosen by lawmakers or the governor from the state ethics code.

The bill arose from skirmishes between Leslie Kondo, the executive director of the state Ethics Commission, and lawmakers over the commission’s interpretation that members of a mortgage foreclosure task force are state employees and should not also be paid by private interests to lobby the Legislature on task force business.

Lawmakers have argued that they often rely on expert advice from task forces. Kondo had suggested that lawmakers exempt task force members from the ethics code.

3 Responses to “Exempt”

  1. Follow the $:

    WOW, how amazing, clearly these Legislators have no shame writing laws to exempt ethics codes for the benefit of their benefactors. AUWE, Honestly these legislators need to be prosecuted by Keith Kaneshiro for attempting to break the law by changing the laws in their favor.
    Does anyone believe this change is in the benefit of the people.
    Follow the money people surely it doesn’t lead to anyones benefits except thoses getting a special carveout exemption to violate ethics codes for Big money payoffs.

    Isn’t there that Superferry law that doesn’t allow laws to be made for only special set of people or company.
    Ethics are ethics regardless of the law makers self interests and immorality..

    Depledge please post the Senators names so they can’t hide
    Kondo should be fired to suggest that, obviously he is too lazy and doesn’t want to work as hard in his job.

  2. Goober:

    Exempt task force from the ethics code is double standards. Bureaucratic Standards.

  3. Chicken Grease:

    Ehy, uh . . . I know the governor and legislators live in their own world sometimes, but, uh, somebody remind the that Hawaii 5-0 stay fiction li’dat!!!! bwahahahahahahaah!!!!

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