January 2nd, 2013

State Rep. Joseph Souki, who says he has the votes to become House speaker, has warned that he may attempt to extend the 60-day legislative session by one to two weeks because House Speaker Calvin Say refuses to help with the transition.

In an exchange of memos over the past several days, Souki and Say wrestled over whether lawmakers who would have new roles in a Souki-led House can move into different offices at the state Capitol.

Say reminded Souki in a Dec. 27 memo that he remains the speaker until a replacement is approved by resolution.

“Please do not assume or attempt to exercise any duties rightfully belonging to the speaker of the House,” Say wrote.

Souki, in a Dec. 28 response, said he is “truly disappointed” that Say is delaying office moves and other organizational matters.

“By taking the position that you will not authorize any transition, I will have no alternative but to extend the legislative session by one to two weeks to prevent havoc created by this delay,” Souki wrote. “I request that you reconsider and work with me to allow for a smooth opening of the upcoming legislative session.”

Souki has 26 Democrats and seven Republicans in his leadership coalition — 33 votes, seven more than necessary to control the 51-member House.

Rep. Marcus Oshiro, Say’s choice as his successor, has 18 votes.

Oshiro has called for Democrats to caucus as a group to help resolve the leadership dispute.

11 Responses to “Extend”

  1. ohiaforest3400:

    Calvin’s buying time for Marcus to try one more Hail Mary, this one involving an offer to the (no longer) dissidents to line up behind Sylvia Luke as Speaker, provided that they dump the Republicans. Ever the father’s true-blue-Democrat son, Marcus supposedly has even offered to take no position at all in the new oprganization, so keen is he to keep the GOP out of leadership.

  2. Goober:

    Souki will not get my vote.
    Dissident is just like a Tea Party member for the Republicans.
    Democrats in Name only.
    I really couldn’t careless for either party.
    I care for who is the best for Hawaii’s people.

  3. Chicken Grease:

    Crickey. Say might be worse than Lear. Hahahah, suddenly reminds a Grease of that Saturday Night Live skit with a Nancy Reagan cariacature refusing to leave the White House at the end of her husband’s final term. The heck out already, Say; can you see?

    And it’s “its”; not “it’s”.

  4. charles:

    Infantile behavior, no?

  5. ohiaforest3400:

    As if Joe Souki has the power — alone — to extend session because of Calvin Say’s refusal to depart before opening day. He must be getting high on the fumes he’s sniffing as he gets close to taking power. He’d better be careful; otherwise he may not get more than a sniff of that stuff.

  6. Chicken Grease:

    January 2nd, 2013 at 8:46 pm

    I care for who is the best for Hawaii’s people.

    Well. That narrows it down to . . . Kikaida?

    Think the usage was intended as “care less.” “Careless” is, like, not watching what you’re doing.

    Grammar lessons abound, all o’er the Internet. Find ‘em.

  7. Goober:

    The headless one got its meaning.

  8. SteveLaudig:

    Many thanks to Keiko Bonk for trying to rid us of Say. Almost all political careers end in failure by refusing to leave in a timely fashion.

  9. Goober:

    “Careless” should not be in quotation marks. “careless” should.
    “care less” is not from my comment and should not be in quotation marks.

    “Careless” is, like, not watching what you’re doing.”
    Careful by watching what you are doing. O’er else!

  10. Chicken Grease:

    January 4th, 2013 at 7:29 pm

    “Careless” should not be in quotation marks. “careless” should.
    “care less” is not from my comment and should not be in quotation marks.

    Uh, no. Grammar sensei gives Grease the A grade.

    All over. [sighs] Find ‘em.

    # # #

  11. Goober:

    “clout d’is a’ina g’ot le’ft.”
    Seems someone needs to learn grammar itself.
    It is the sound of a chicken without its head.

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