Fast track

December 27th, 2011

State House and Senate leaders might fast-track an organ transplant center bill and eight others when the next session of the state Legislature opens in January.

The bills were unrelated casualties of end-of-session negotiations between the House and Senate over tax policy.

Here are the bills under consideration:

*SB239: Extends the ability of the University of Hawaii medical school to use a portion of tobacco settlement money for operating expenses.

*SB 699 – Establishes filing fees to help fund the state Office of Environmental Quality Control.

*SB 725 – Increases the solid waste management surcharge to 75 cents per ton, up from 35 cents. Applies the surcharge to waste disposed in state or shipped out of state.

*SB 772 – Expands an ethanol facility income tax credit to include other biofuels and larger facilities.

*SB 809 – Increases the University of Hawaii’s authorization to issue revenue bonds for capital improvement projects.

*HB 608 – Authorizes state money – matched by private funds — for an organ transplant center.

*HB 905 – Requires the state to collaborate with health and social-service providers on an annual health and human services delivery plan.

*HB 1570 – Appropriates money to reimburse livestock producers for feed costs. Allows goat farmers with at least 25 lactating milk goats to be eligible for the livestock revitalization program.

*HB 1322 – Converts certain revolving funds at the University of Hawaii into special funds.

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    HB ????_Plan rail but not build it.

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