Foreign and Domestic

October 30th, 2009

Hawaii Democratic Party Chairman Brian Schatz is asking Gov. Linda Lingle to cancel her trip to China.

The governor is scheduled to leave today on a two-week tour of six cities to promote tourism, business, renewable energy projects and sister-city relationships in the world’s most populous country.

That’s all well and good, Schatz says, “but there are many leaders in Hawaii who would represent us proudly and well in China.  There is only one governor and we need her here.”

He adds: “There’s just way too much work to be done, including an $800 million budget shortfall and two pending collective bargaining negotiations.  On top of that our schools are shut down every other Friday, a condition the Governor herself said never should have happened.  This moment calls for the governor to do whatever it takes to work with the legislature and other leaders in finding solutions to the school crisis, to balance the budget and to be here when we need her most.”

Lingle says she plans to keep in touch with her staff in Hawaii to stay on top of issues happening at home while she is away.

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