Foreign and Domestic

October 30th, 2009

Hawaii Democratic Party Chairman Brian Schatz is asking Gov. Linda Lingle to cancel her trip to China.

The governor is scheduled to leave today on a two-week tour of six cities to promote tourism, business, renewable energy projects and sister-city relationships in the world’s most populous country.

That’s all well and good, Schatz says, “but there are many leaders in Hawaii who would represent us proudly and well in China.  There is only one governor and we need her here.”

He adds: “There’s just way too much work to be done, including an $800 million budget shortfall and two pending collective bargaining negotiations.  On top of that our schools are shut down every other Friday, a condition the Governor herself said never should have happened.  This moment calls for the governor to do whatever it takes to work with the legislature and other leaders in finding solutions to the school crisis, to balance the budget and to be here when we need her most.”

Lingle says she plans to keep in touch with her staff in Hawaii to stay on top of issues happening at home while she is away.

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  1. Dem against Schatz:

    Fund-raising candidate for Lieutenant Governor and currently Democratic Party Chairman Brian Schatz should speak for himself, the party is out of money and he has made NO attempt to help raise money for the party but is worried about his candidacy for Lieutenant Governor. We know Brian’s raising money for his campaign, it’s virtually public knowledge.

    “We” need you the most too Brian, start raising money for the good of the party, you took up the office as Chairman because you got in through the coattails of the President, now you are using the office to run for other ambitions?

    Speak for yourself Brian Schatz, you are no bread-winner either!

  2. manawai:

    Hey, Brian! At least she’s DOING something to help get more tourists here and get to our economy back up. What are YOU DOING other than to whine about getting paid less? The answer is NOT MUCH! That’s the trouble with you Progressive Democrats. You have no clue what it takes to do business…to actually generate revenues. You only know how to TAKE money from others (who do) and redistribute it to your constituents so you can get re-elected.

  3. Jeff Moss:

    Schatz sits back and takes shots. He is uniformed and totally clueless about what is going on in government. Does he think the Governor should turn down invitations from leaders of the world’s largest emerging country or worse ask them to change a conference? These are serious times and it calls for serious leaders! I read and heard that our Governor is going to close deals with tourism officials, build new relationships with clean/renewable energy officials and help boost our economy with new ventures like a Hawaii-brand store. Moreover, meeting with the Ambassador regarding visa’s is critical. C’mom Brian, stop playing petty politics like “my way or no way Mufi” or “I am Obama’s friend Neil.” Try to be serious and collaborative. Your residents demand it!

  4. Kolea:

    Wow, Dem Against Schatz, your bitterness is distorting your judgment!

    I prefer another candidate for LG, but your statement Brian “has made NO attempt to help raise money for the party” is patently false. Do you CARE about speaking the truth or does your anger justify careless lies?

    In his criticism of Governor Lingle’s trip, he IS speaking for the Party. Rather than using this opportunity to “speak bitterness” about Brian, perhaps you should support him when he is right, like now? Or does your blind hostility to Brian cause you to align yourself with Lingle in the current budget crisis? Let’s get our kids back in school, THEN worry about which candidate to support for LG, OK?

    Cool your jets, dude.

  5. Manoa Parent:

    Schatz is absolutely right. The Governor is a lame duck who is feather bedding on her way out. The state is in turmoil and schools in furlough and only the Governor can get us out of the mess she made. The anger of the public will be seen as Aiona does nothing either.

  6. Keahi:

    Linda Lingle is an idiot! I can’t believe the irresponsible behavior in the face of all the chaos in Hawaii. Our children continue to suffer, we have a medical epidemic, our finances are in dire straits and what does she do? Going on a trip see ya! Me ke kuleana pono Gov….

  7. Concerned:

    Wow, there’s a lot of tension here. In both ways I can see why everyone is upset with Schatz, but can it be compromised people? I mean sure the governor is going to China to meet other people might even send a few tourist that is acceptable, but isn’t there a more important issue than to play “Whack-a-poltician” just because they seem very selfish? People lets face the facts on what Schatz has stated: Shortfall budgets, Schools shutting down, and several other recent complaints that the government has not been answering back. Now Im not saying that its the governors fault or Schatz fault at all, however something needs to be done other than blaming and yes although schatz seems like he’s a whiner…at least its better to learn the truth than a lie. We need an answer, but we cannot force it by anger.

  8. NorthShoreOldGuy:

    Considering that every politician I ever listened to regurgitates the phase, “The children are our future,” how did we arrive at expecting their lack of education to pay for our government leaders mismanagement?

    For example, forty million that was illegally spent on the Superferry would help now.

    How is it that the Governor (?) sounds like she is the problem solver trying to fix the problem, when in reality she is the one responsible to see that it did not happen, and the one that let it happen?

    I believe that fixing the problem is more important than fixing the blame, but I don’t believe in forgetting the source and cause of the problem are the way to a better future.

  9. Bill:

    Truly there are no easy answers to the economic woes of the State’s economy, which by the way are not unique to Hawaii. With virtually every private sector industry reporting income down 50 fifty percent or more and are reeling from cutbacks, you cannot expect them (private sector) to pay more in the form of tax increases. The Government has no choice but to cut its spending also. We are in this together and together we will slowly work our way out of it. At least this Governor is trying to help by stimulating tourism interest in a China, virtually the only country unaffected by the economic downturn.

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