`Fresh perspective’

May 30th, 2012

Honolulu City Councilwoman Tulsi Gabbard, who is running in the Democratic primary in the 2nd Congressional District, has received the full endorsement from EMILY’s List, the interest group that promotes women in politics.

The group believes Gabbard can be more competitive than former state Office of Hawaiian Affairs chief advocate Esther Kiaaina, the other female candidate in the race.

Former Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann is considered the frontrunner in the campaign to replace U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, who is running for Senate.

From Stephanie Schriock, president of EMILY’s List:

Tulsi Gabbard is a young, dynamic leader who will bring a fresh perspective to Congress. As an Iraq war veteran who completed two tours in the Middle East, Tulsi is the kind of leader who will fight against partisan gridlock and stand up for women and families. EMILY’s List is excited to see what a strong campaign she’s running, and we can’t wait to see her in Washington.

17 Responses to “`Fresh perspective’”

  1. Jordan:

    It’s interesting that for an issues-based group, Emily’s List’s statement doesn’t mention Tulsi’s stances on social issues at all!

  2. Goober:

    Let’s see what kind of bread Tulsi will bake.

    As for Francis, “Craig’s lists” is selling Harvard souvenirs at a cheap price and also UH of Manoa T-Shirts. “I went to Harvard and you went to UH”, will not get Francis any Harvard Alumni votes and certainly none from the Alumni of UH of Hawaii. Lost his job as mayo and ended up as a Tourist Sales Rep.

    The “Loch Ness” monster of Ala Wai. Das Boot got sunk. People donating to rail two cents at a time. The big stink is, he never fixed anything.

  3. ohiaforest3400:

    Or how being an Iraq war vet makes her qualified to fight gridlock in Washington. There’s lots of vets in DC and we have . . . . . gridlock. Or, for that matter, she can’t seem to stick with anything before she tries to get something else: one term in the State House aborted after she realized she couldn’t be on active duty and campaign at the same time (even tho’ there’s a law on the books that’s plain as day); runs for the Council seat vacated by Rod Tam (where she had not lived previously) and two months later is running for the 2nd District congressional seat which does NOT include Nuuanu. She’s as bad as Mufi with the self-promoting ladder climbing. Wait. Is that even possible?

  4. Kolea:

    Emily’s List is being opportunistic in their support for Tulsi, hence the absence of any clear statement about Tulsi’s professed support for abortion rights. IN turn, Tulsi has been opportunistic in alternately hiding, or exposing, her views on abortion and gay rights.MUch of her campaign organization is comprised of followers of the guru Chris Butler and have been very visible foot soldiers against gay equality and abortion for decades. The odd. mutual embrace of Tulsi and Emily’s List has not caused any of Butler’s followers to drop away from working long hours on Tulsi’s campaign, despite this obvious incongruity.

    Hence, the awkward silences and avoidance of explicit statements.

  5. Rocket:

    They endorsed her months ago! Old news!

  6. Manoa_Fisherman:

    It would be nice if national groups with special interests just butt out of Hawaii elections. The Emily’s, US Chamber of Commerce, Realtors’ and the NRA should just leave their opinions to themselves and let Hawaii’s citizens vote for the candidate of their choice. Elections are a local decision and any politician we elect we have to live with, at least until the next election.

  7. Nancy:

    Tulsi is a strong progressive candidate with military experience. She is likely to beat Mufi, which will be great for Hawaii.

  8. Jenna:

    I’ll definitely be voting for her. I think we need more strong women in Congress to work for equal rights and fight for the middle class.

  9. Jeremy:


  10. Alex Jelenic:

    I strongly agree with Emily’s List’s endorsement. She will be a perfect candidate for Congress.

  11. Goober:

    Doesn’t mean one gets elected.

  12. Ross:

    I do not support Tulsi. She is playing a game for political opportunism. She has a long history of opposing progressive issues including marriage equality for same-sex couples. Now all of the sudden she has seen the light and is actively seeking support from the gay community. Despite her newfound “evolution” she has yet to utter the words that she supports full marriage equality. Her statements are carefully worded to allow her wiggle room. For example, after President Obama issued his support for marriage equality, Tulsi never explicitly stated that she supported marriagee equality. Instead she issued a statement that she believes that same-sex couples should have the same legal rights as opposite sex couples. She could later easily claim that she was referrring to “civil unions”, something by the way which she has vocally testified against at the State Capitol. She also talks about the gov’t getting out of the marriage business all together, something that is completely unrealistic and just her way of dodging the real issue of the gov’t denying marriage licenses to same-sex couples. One should be held guilty for the “sins of the father”…..in her case State Senator Mike Gabbard, however, if Tulsi wants progressive support and wants to run as the progressive candidate, she sure isn’t doing a good enough job distancing herself from daddy’s sins.

  13. Unhappy Democrat:

    I meant to say that one should “not” be held guilty for the sins of her father….but doesn’t hasn’t done a sufficient job distancing herself from those sins, especially since she actively committed them herself.

    Gabbards run as Democrats yet the party is in an uproar of Laura Thielen??

  14. GoodOlBoy:

    Ross- Not that I have any support for or against Tulsi Gabbard, but where did you get any authority to call anything “sin” or “sins of the father”? It’s just ironic to me when individuals use puritanical language to defend anti-puritanical ideals.

  15. Ross:

    I think Mike Gabbard’s radical positions, behavior, and voting record opposing equal treatment under the law for gay and lesbian people is well established. I used the term “sins of the father” as a figure of speech. Perhaps better to focus on Tulsi’s actual record and her now inconsistent positions as opposed to my use of a common term. Until Tulsi decided to run for Congress, she was voicing similar anti-gay positions as her father.

  16. Goober:

    “Sins of the Mother”, is a figure of speech also.

    lingle vetoed and running for senate. she is for Hawaii, is also a figure of speech.

  17. Goober:

    One should learn to tolerate or as another once said..
    Stand Tough for Understanding.
    That person should practice what they preach.

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