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May 7th, 2012

The Center for Responsive Politics has an interesting breakdown of campaign fundraising data in Hawaii’s U.S. Senate race.

Former Gov. Linda Lingle, the leading Republican candidate, has raised 42 percent of her campaign money from Hawaii and 58 percent on the mainland, according to the group’s research.

U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono has collected 72 percent in Hawaii and 28 percent on the mainland.

Former congressman Ed Case, Hirono’s rival in the Democratic primary, has brought in 77 percent from Hawaii and 23 percent from the mainland.

The research is based on contributions greater than $200, so the figures do not add up to the fundraising totals for the candidates. Political action committee donations are also not included.

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  1. Goober:

    Donations show who is for Hawaii and who is for the Mainland. lingle never was for Hawaii and the majority of 1% who voted for her donate from the Mainland.

    lingle raises cain over being able. she can talk but limps when it comes to the walk. Hirono is Japanese and is quiet about issues. “Speak soft but carry a big stick”. In Hirono case she carries a big sword using pen as well. lingle who was a journalist major is only proper in her grandma.

    Waiting for the sound of knocking wood.

  2. Politinaloguy:

    Apples and oranges. . . Read the “Center’s” calculation policy — they don’t even count PAC $$$ for any of the candidates. Add that in and those stats look much different.

    Everyone knows its about the $$$ not the %. If someone raised $10 for their campaign but $6 was from the “mainland” and their opponent only raised $5 from Hawaii, the opponent raised a greater % at home. What does this mean??? Not a darn thing by %s don’t mean nething!

    Lingle still leads the $ race when it comes to total amount raised in Hawaii. Thats that stat these campaign operatives should track


  3. Fact Checker:

    What’s more interesting is looking at exactly who is giving Lingle much of her money. It’s far-right Republican men & their PACs:

    Haley Barbour
    John Boehner
    Roy Blunt
    Tom Coburn
    Steve Forbes
    Foster Friess
    Phil Gramm
    Chuck Grassley
    Trent Lott

    That’s a who’s who of anti-choice, anti-environment zealots.

  4. Goober:

    Too bad candidates do not realize that a donation is just another word for a bribe. I can donate to a candidate and pull their strings to support my company in keeping jobs but also make me richer. “Kowtow” or you scratch my back, I scratch yours.

    lingle gets the support from unions cause they can pull her strings.
    Most republicans who are donating are of the 1%, I assume and approximate.

    Hirono lost to lingle in her run for being Hawaii’s governor. lingle can talk and she won and got richer since being governor. Remember her veto speech saying this decision cannot be made by one in her office and let the public vote. “Pontius Pilate” washed her hands clean.

  5. Goodforthegoose:

    Re Factchecker: Lets not forget Mazie’s who’s who of union donations. And Linda Lingle is PRO-CHOICE or have you not done your research and just followed the Democrats Handbook to False Talking Points??

    Also, unlike Hirono and the Democrats, Lingle has the ability to work with people even though they don’t agree on ALL issues.Mazie and her supporters obviously feel that if you don’t agree with a person on their pro-life stance, you should hang them by a noose, and not work with them on ANY issues…like the economy, national security, education, the environment.


    I donated to Governor Lingle’s campaign when she ran for Governor three times. Lingle did not do any special favors for me when I worked for the State of Hawaii while she was in office. My donations to her were not a “bribe”. I am proud of her record as Governor. Lingle made difficult decisions to benefit all of the people of Hawaii not just a select few. Lingle worked well with both parties to resolve difficult issues. I am confident she will again work with both parties in Washington to get important issues resolved for all of us in Hawaii. I am supporting her current campaign for U.S. Senator.

  7. Point Break:

    It doesn’t raise my eyebrows when I see mainland funds coming in to support candidates in this race: It’s a national race, after all. And when I think about what all these candidates represent, I’m more concerned about what they’re going to do once in office than where the money for their support comes from — because I can look at each of their records, and assess what their actions will be like once in office.

    And with Linda Lingle, one thing’s for sure: She’s looking more to policy than party. How in the world else could she have gotten so far, and been so successful, in Democrat-controlled Hawaii? She HAD to work across party lines and had to just be all about pragmatism and common-sense solutions than pushing ideological agendas.

    And that’s what’s drawing attention from the mainland: they see someone who’s got a record of bipartisanship and who has a real chance of winning. That’s a cause anyone with a brain should get behind.

  8. Goober:

    Someone wasted their money when they could have saved it for retirement. I guess lingle did not see anything worthwhile in such a small donation. You want something in return, you donate big not two cents.

  9. Goober:

    Women usually donate to women candidates. Birds of a feather should stick together.

  10. Goober:

    Small potatoes who donate small amounts don’t get looked at but if one donated thousands they are seen. If one donates hundreds of thousands, they are seen and heard like oprah who had a road built on Maui as her own private road. Birds of a feather stick together.
    Seems one is guilty when one goes on the defense.

    Mainland donations means jobs to go to mainland companies. Not locals.

  11. Get Real:

    Lets not forget that Linda Lingle has National support we need a senator with National support. Let me know when you find a senate candidate that will take a bribe for the maximum single person contribution of $2800.00, let me know when I can put a US Senator in my pocket for $2800.00. I got a bunch of things I need done and $2800.00 seems like a good deal…. Get Real !!

  12. Goober:

    I hope your 2800.00 dollars plus taxes you pay for State and Federal services was as good as the service provided to those who protect our President. You paid for a service with your “donation” that would or may not have been done if you didn’t “donate”. If it was a personal service that only benefited yourself than it was my tax dollars that help pay for that service. GET REAL yourself.

    Going on the defense means you already lost this debate. Again Get Real yourself.

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