Happy Birth(er)day!

August 4th, 2009


While the mouthbreathers at WorldNetDaily will no doubt use today to trumpet their campaign for the release of the “long-form birth certificate,” it also seems like a good day for the Political Radar to bury this issue once and for all.

There is nothing we can say or report that will sway your opinion on this matter. You either believe that POTUS was born in Honolulu on this day 48 years ago (as attested to in the oft-posted Certificate of Live Birth), or you don’t.

You either believe Factcheck.org and services such as McClatchy Newspapers, or you believe that the Kenyan government is really in charge of the country and interpret as Gospel the words of Orly Taitz, Jerome Corsi and Lou Dobbs.

Henceforth, you will see no further mention of this issue in the Political Radar blog.

As far as we’re concerned, POTUS is a U.S. citizen.

Furthermore, this being a blog post and not a traditional news story, all submitted comments will be subject to the usual screening and may or may not be creatively edited.

2 Responses to “Happy Birth(er)day!”

  1. Mufasa:

    Wait, I saw his birth certificate here: http://files.abovetopsecret.com/images/obama-kenya-bc.jpg.

    Which one is true?

    (I’m asking because I lack the intelligence to determine for myself.)

  2. Jim:

    It seems to me that Mr. Obama creates doubt by his actions, or lack thereof, regarding his birth. He fights lawsuits to keep records secret when it would immediately dispel all doubt by simply letting the original long form be opened for public viewing. In addition, he prevents viewing of all other documents which would prove or disprove his eligibility to be President of The United States. It is curious that upon his visit to his grandmother the week before the election, his birth record became “sealed”. He maintains fight to keep all his records secret that would shed light on who he really is. Why would a person born in the United States do that. Simply opening the long form to public view at the beginning would have ended the doubt and debate. I have offered and called for Hawaii to end the debate on my blog. I hope Hawaii would consider it. Lets end all doubt and question about the matter.

    (I also was recently probed by aliens, but I don’t expect news of that to get out either, because the government is covering up any and all evidence of extra terrestrial life that has visited the planet. I know aliens have come to Earth, because they talk to me on a daily basis.)

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