Happy New Year!

December 31st, 2010

If it’s time for the big ball to make its appearance in Times’ Square, then that means it’s also time for our annual look back at the more colorful moments of 2010 in our annual list of Flubs!

What’s a flub?

Basically there is no textbook definition of a flub. For our purposes,  it’s loosely defined as anything that brought embarrassing fallout or unwanted attention to a person or cause. The other common thread among our selections is that all of those involved should have known better.

The tradition of the flubs was started in 2008 and downsized in 2009 due to budget restraints. This year, the hard-working staff at the Political Radar has brought back the Top 10 for your perusal.

So without any further ado …

10. Mainland Miscalculation: The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spends about $314,000 in the May special election to back Ed Case only to pull out of the race weeks ahead of the election because local party leaders’ backing of Colleen Hanabusa continues to split the Democratic vote.

9. Flag Pole Flap: House lawmakers are forced to revive a bill to allow for flag poles in residential communities after an outcry from veterans.

8. Birthers Reborn: The issue of President Barack Obama’s birthplace, seemingly close to running its course, is brought to the forefront by newly-elected Gov. Neil Abercrombie.

7. ‘Twas The Season: The state Republican Party is asked to cease and desist its use of a copyrighted Star-Advertiser photo of Colleen Hanabusa that was altered and used in negative TV ads and literature.

6. The Eyes Have It: Newly-elected Mayor Peter Carlisle was caught on camera rolling his eyes as outgoing acting Mayor Kirk Caldwell spoke of some of the issues encountered by both sides with the transition of the new administration.

5. Pay Cut Ad Cut: Amid cries of deceptive advertising, congressional candidate Colleen Hanabusa is forced to pull a television spot claiming she cut legislative salaries during her time as Senate president.

4. Look at Me: Gubernatorial candidate Mufi Hannemann catches flak for playing the race card, telling an audience of the Hawaii Carpenters Union, “I look like you, you look like me.”

3. Comparison Shopping: Still stinging from the backlash over the comments to the carpenters union, the Hannemann campaign is accused of playing the “local” card with the now-infamous “Compare and Decide” mailer.

2. Out of Favor: Outgoing City Councilman Gary Okino, after a failed bid for the state House, is booted from the Democratic Party for five years for his support of Republican candidates in various races.

1. The Life and Times of Rod Tam: The two-term City Councilman pays $13,700 to settle an ethics case against him then votes in agreement with colleagues to censure himself. The year ends with Tam pleading guilty to 26 misdemeanor counts, the most serious of which carries a possible prison term of up to a year in prison, and facing a second investigation prompted by the state Campaign Spending Commission. He starts 2011 with sentencing on the misdemeanor counts that could lead to jail time.


– B.J. Reyes and Derrick DePledge

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  1. Michael:

    A flub is opposite of bluf.

    Happy New Years to you Two.

  2. Yoshi1940:

    Thanks for a great year! Aloha and Happy New Year to you both, BJ and Derrick!

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