Hawaii GOP on Candidate Search

October 1st, 2009

The Hawaii Republican Party, which is approaching one of its all-time lows in terms of legislative members has started a candidate recruitment drive.

Dubbed “You Like Run?” the campaign is headed by Rep. Lynn Finnegan (R, Mapunapuna-Foster Village) House minority leader.

“We are always looking for great candidates, this month and beyond,” said Finnegan.

“I hope that our ‘You Like Run?’ campaign helps Republican Party members and supporters start thinking about referring their child’s teacher,  their neighbor or even themselves to run for elected office.”

Finnegan says the Hawaii GOP has already gotten inquiries from “men and women with an array of ethnic backgrounds, from flight attendants and stay at home moms to small business owners and heads of non-profit organizations.”

Republicans now hold two seats in the 25-member state Senate and six in the 51-member state House.

The lowest GOP memebrship was in 1993 when there were four house members and three senators.

5 Responses to “Hawaii GOP on Candidate Search”

  1. Screaming Psycho:

    Aww poor thing Republican party too bad,

    no one like run cause they know the dems are here and they here to stay.

    Next time some GOP person calls me and says “you like run?” and i going tell them, yeah i’m going to run, run to the party of inclusion, the party party! Where it’s partying 24/7!

  2. anonymous:

    The Repub campaign may be out of the box but I know it got me thinking about some of the son’s high school teachers. They are more knowledgeable and committed to fixing our state’s broken education system than any of the Democrat legislators in office today.

  3. sad days in hawaii:

    hey Screaming Psycho, you put the Republican party down, but look who’s screwing Hawaii up; yup the ‘Do-nothing’ Democrats who been in control for 50+ years and yet nothing is being done. Still high cost of living and people still miserable. People in Hawaii just don’t change; afraid of it.

    Yeah the Dems are here to stay and Hawaii will continue to be the among the expensive places to live and the value of living there is soooo low. 20 families have to live together just to pay the rent/mortgage, etc. How pathetic. Guess you’re happy with the way things are there, unless you’re just as miserable as the rest of them.

  4. A new take on things:

    In my opinion this is a positive move for Hawaii and its future. If we get a new set of eyes looking at the true situation, working with the people, we can come up with a valuable solution to the current issues.

  5. GOP Lifeless:

    Get rid of SAM “tired old man” Slom… He is an anchor/liability to the party

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