`Hawaiian president’

June 29th, 2011

U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., stumping in South Carolina in her campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, told the audience that she plans to compete everywhere, including Hawaii.

From CNN:

Bachmann said she plans to win decisive early victories in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina on her way to the White House. She promised to follow that with a national campaign – even in the heavily Democratic state of Hawaii.

“We want to win Hawaii,” she said. “And we think that there is a certain Hawaiian president who should go back to Hawaii!”

Bachmann stopped in Hawaii in February as part of national speaking engagements to test the waters for a potential campaign.

U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., the Republican presidential candidate in 2008, had strong island ties. The Navy veteran and former Vietnam War prisoner also had a natural constituency in the state’s large military and veteran population. But McCain received less than 30 percent of the vote against Hawaii-born Barack Obama.

7 Responses to “`Hawaiian president’”

  1. Innocent Observer:

    Don’t believe she has a chance, especially not having the intelligence and ability to think clearly. Same goes for Palin, they are very similar in nonabilities, etc, especially american history. Can see Canada from her home in Minn.?

  2. ohiaforest3400:

    Just another ignorant person referring to someone as “Hawaiian” simply because they’re from Hawaii. Life is so simple for uneducated — or just plain stupid — people. Her proposals are just as simple/ignorant/stupid.

    Or maybe she’s finally/unwittingly admitting Barack is an American citizen because he’s “Hawaiian”?

  3. Dan:

    ohiaforest … I think you might be a bit full of yourself

    there is but a million people in our state … you want to throw the hatchet at someone for not knowing the subtle distinction of not naming the people here after the state?

    grow up … you are not more than a grain of sand in a world full of billions of people …your distinction is not that important to the rest of the world

  4. Gary:

    There goes the last possibility of her winning Hawaii, even if somehow she becomes the GOP nominee.
    Now if only the other idiot, Palin jumps in, it should be a laughable primary season.

  5. Guido Sarducci:

    “Can see Canada from her home in Minn.?”

    Funny you should mention that. It was Tina Fey, not Sarah Palin, who said “I can see Russia from my home.”

    Many people who “are very similar in nonabilities, etc, especially american history” can’t tell the difference between Reality and SNL.

  6. Goober:

    palin taught her well. Can’t refudiate that.

  7. ohiaforest3400:

    Dan, I always say that I may grow old, but I’ll never grow up. Even so, the distinction drawn is an important one — at least to people who live in Hawaii and know anything about its culture. So, while I may need to grow up, you need to get a clue because, even if her “Hawaiian” stumble does not demonstrate fatal ignorance/stupidity, Bachmann’s views on civil liberties, civil rights, and science place her in conflict with the majority of 300 million Americans, not just the 1 million grains of sand in Hawaii.

    Among her verbal gaffes, Obama being “Hawaiian” is but a small example. Try these on for size:

    -Trying to compare herself to John Wayne, she actually invoked the name of serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

    -She referred to national community service and volunteer programs as “re-education camps for young people.”

    -She accused the Obama administration of “turning our country into a nation of slaves.”

    Far worse, ‘tho, than her propensity to insert her foot in her mouth are her substantive views:

    -On abortion, she is not just ardently anti-choice, which is her right. But she goes way beyond many of her conservative anti-choice colleagues to the point that, unlike roughly 80% of Americans, she opposes permitting women to terminate a pregnancy even when that pregnancy results from rape or incest, or when carrying the pregnancy to term threatens her life.

    -Bachmann also opposes same-sex marriage which is, again, her right. But, also again, she goes to the extreme, opposing laws that prohibit employment discrimination based on an individual’s actual or perceived sexual orientation. Even more, despite her stout support for states’ rights, she would support a constitutional amendment that would void the marriage equality law that passed in state legislatures, including the recent one in New York.

    -And, even if you want to dispute the causes of global warming, Bachmann goes even further, ignoring its perils because “carbon dioxide is a natural byproduct of nature.” I may not be grown up, but I’m old enough to remember Ronald Reagan saying that trees cause air pollution. Whatever you want to think of him, this is not a scientific theory that reflects well on either of them.

    So, yes, I may well be an un-grown up, one-in-a-million Hawaii resident but Bachmann’s latest verbal gaffe — and all of the looniness that goes with it — puts me in the company of millions more Americans than she will ever enjoy.

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