Hawaii’s Portuguese Water Dog

April 12th, 2009

Hawaii’s Republican Senate leader Sen. Fred Hemmings is all thumbs up for the Obama’s pick of Bo, the Portuguese Water Dog puppy as the nation’s First Dog (FDOTUS?).

Hemmings, who is Portuguese, and an internationally acclaimed professional surfer and waterman, just lost one of his best friends, Makai, a 13-year old Portuguese Water Dog.

 ” Makai would often go canoe paddling with me. He would jump in the water when we stopping for a rest. Portuguese Water Dogs as with dogs in general are some of God’s greatest creatures, they give you much more love and devotion then you could ever give them,” Hemmings said.

The dogs much like Portuguese are brilliant. good looking and very lovable. In the interest of truly reaching out in the spirit of bipartisanship I would recommend the President, First Lady and children name their dog FRED,” Hemmings added.

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  1. Kimo:

    Lets just keep in mind a Portugese Water Dog is not polynesian like most Portugese people seem to think they are.

  2. aiea59:


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