HB 2012 — Day 3

April 23rd, 2012

State House and Senate negotiators hope to close out the supplemental budget by Tuesday night and empower lawmakers to seek agreements on other finance-related legislation before Friday’s procedural deadline to have bills ready for final votes before session adjourns.

On Monday night, budget negotiators agreed to fund 20 positions in agriculture with general funds instead of special funds, freeing up the special fund money to help combat invasive species. Lawmakers will also use general funds to pay for nine other positions being financed with federal money.

Negotiators agreed to spend $5.2 million in bond and special fund money for Gov. Neil Abercrombie’s watershed protection initiative. The amount is less than Abercrombie wanted but would help launch the initiative.

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  1. Kaleo Keliikoa:

    What is exactly Gov. Neil abercrombie’s watershed protection initiative?

    What type of details do you have to share with us?

    Is he planning to plant non native plants, hire non native residents or so called experts to conduct this watershed protection initiative?

    Is there any place, whether it be web sites or newspapers telling in detail what is his plan for this watershed protection initiative?

    And who is in charge of this money for this initiative. And who is in charge of accomplishing this watershed protection initiative?

    I left my e-mail or you can leave me a message on Facebook. I’ll be waiting for a response on my questions.

    Mahalo nui loa.

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