Hee haw

November 29th, 2010

Gov.-elect Neil Abercrombie made his first Cabinet appointments today and faced questions from reporters about whether he would tap any sitting state senators for jobs in his new administration.

He said that while speculation is inevitable, he is not influenced one way or the other by a potential nominee’s political status.

During the campaign, there was buzz that state Sen. Clayton Hee (D-Kaneohe, Kahuku), a longtime ally, would be chosen as the director of the state Department of Land and Natural Resources.

Abercrombie even took the unusual step of telling the Star-Advertiser’s editorial board that Hee would not get the nomination. (William Aila, Jr., the Waianae harbormaster, was picked to lead DLNR today.)

From the governor-elect:

Sen. Hee’s name was mentioned over and over again to me all through the campaign for various positions, which probably destroyed any chance he has of ever getting anywhere.

I was just kidding with somebody the other day. They said, `Well, Clayton Hee is going to be the head of DLNR.’ And I said, `Well, he can’t. He’s going to be the head of agriculture.’


And I said, `Of course I could make him head of both departments.’ And they said, `Well, how can you do that?’

I said, `I’ll have to ask Attorney General Cayetano.’


4 Responses to “Hee haw”

  1. ohiaforest3400:

    The first appointments were, to me, refreshingly original. The absence of Clayton Hee’s name was just a relief, period. Evidently, Neil has a better memory than others of Clayton’s misadventures (among others) as Judiciary chair both in the late 80′s and several years ago. Either Tsutsui never knew or has forgotten (or was strong-armed into giving him both the Judiciary job and the big-as-his-ego office on the 4th floor).

    So far, so good.

  2. Ridiculoso:

    The Clayton Hee rumor was cooked up by…well…bygones…prior to the Primary and really seemed to gain traction in the community even though Abercrombie told anyone who would listen that it was bogus–and yet people still seemed to think it was true. Odd how sometimes all you have to do is say something to make people think it is true. Kind of pathetic, really. So now–Shazam!–it turns out to be not true. But the ol’ AG Cayetano rumor also cooked up during the Primary…surely that one is true?! Like bet it ain’t?

  3. phsparky:

    Well, I have to believe Gov. elect Abercrombie when he says ‘he is not influenced one way or the other by a potential nominee’s political status.’ as Ms. Maesaka-Hirata is a staunch Republican & was pro-Aiona.

  4. Jordan:

    see we admire and get jealous from these people we these ppl we think they are angels from heaven while the truth is something else …they spend hours on make up and grooming themselves then the picture is taken ..they still dont look amazing so they have to make it look beautiful by all this

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