November 3rd, 2012

Former Gov. Linda Lingle and her campaign advisers have made it clear what they think of recent public-opinion polls in the U.S. Senate race: skewed, wildly out of step, wacky, flawed and biased.

But the Lingle campaign took the rhetorical pitch to a new level on Saturday. In an email to supporters, which was posted on the conservative Hawaii Free Press website, retired Maj. Gen. Robert G.F. Lee, Lingle’s campaign manager, claims the polls were an attempt to “hijack” the election.

For weeks this race for the open U.S. Senate seat in Hawaii has been a statistical dead-heat. It is ours to win if we work hard and turn out all our supporters on Election Day.

Sadly, some recent biased polls tried to show this race much differently in an attempt to hijack this election. But we know their polling methods are flawed and this race is up for grabs.

The polls have shown U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono, Lingle’s Democratic opponent, with a double-digit lead.

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  1. Chicken Grease:

    Don’t understand exactly why LL — or at least one of her friendly neighborhood (or “friendly continental U.S.”) Third party supporters — didn’t conduct a poll themselves. Something have substance in countering Hirono’s double-digit lead.

    Anyway, Lingle’s laying a good foundation if she doesn’t (looks like she won’t, in fact) win the U.S. Senate this time around.

    When she wins on Tuesday, Hirono’s gonna have to start to make sure she does the things that LL accuses her of not doing. Too darn close — despite this double digit lead, phantom or otherwise — in a D stronghold, you ask a Grease.

  2. Kolea:

    Both the Ward Research and Merriman River Group polls show Hirono with a double digit lead. When Lingle loses by about that margin, rather than admit the polls were right and her complaints were unjustified, she will claim the polls were wrong, but managed to suppress her turnout.

    I predict she will remain deep in denial. Anyone wanna bet on what spin she will employ after losing? The fact she has twice broken the embargo against releasing the results in advance of the news story, plus her insinuations the pollsters are spreading lies in an effort to defeat her, means she has does not care that she has burned a lot of bridges.

    Hey Malia Zimmerman! What odds are the “Chinatown bookies” giving on Lingles’ chances of winning?

  3. Eric4Senate:

    Hi Andrew,(HFP)
    You got props from SA. Wow imagine that. SA game is slipping.
    People might actually find a truthful place to find the news.

    That Ward poll was the same polling company that showed Mufi beating Tulsi in a landslide.
    Hirono and the mainland Democrats are freaking out and are spending millions in Super PAC Money because they know the real numbers. Obama doesn’t waste money here but the Democrat powers that be, sure feel secure about a 22 point lead that they are happy to waste millions of dollars here on negative campaigning. Come on, the people of Hawaii aren’t that stupid to vote for a Lazy Mazie over an accomplished hard worker like Lingle.

    Vote for Real “Change” you can believe in
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  4. Auto De Fe:

    “Both the Ward Research and Merriman River Group polls show Hirono with a double digit lead. If Lingle loses by about that margin, rather than admit the polls were worng and her complaints were justified, we will claim the polls were right, and deny they were intended to suppress her turnout.” — Kolea, Corrected for Accuracy

  5. Goober:

    Seems those who think in the box, can’t say Hi Jack.

    Loser, Loser. Seems she suffers from delusions of grandeur.
    lingle is neither bi-partisan. lingle never worked with President Obama
    and Governor romney never heard of lingle. linda whoooooooo?

    Cannot see how it agrees when there is no 100%.

  6. ohiaforest3400:

    Kolea, I would say that Lingle and her brainwashed toy soldier, Bob Lee, would use the same excuse as Karl Rove to explain away the wildly inaccurate prediction of a GOP victory: “Superstorm Sandy” cost the candidate the momentum. But, in Hawaii, we had only a not-tsunami. I guess that’s all it would take to overcome Lingle’s not-momentum. So she and Bob will have to come up with some otyher not-plausible excuse to deny the fact that, well, she’s just a loser. At least this time around.

  7. Chicken Grease:

    November 4th, 2012 at 2:10 pm

    Seems those who think in the box, can’t say Hi Jack.

    Loser, Loser. Seems she suffers from delusions of grandeur . . .

    “Delusions of grandeur,” an expression found within the discipline of psychology, is mentioned by Han (Solo) in Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi after having just been released from his carbonite freeze, Solo is informed of Luke’s Jedi training.


  8. Kolea:

    The Ward poll for the primary did NOT show “Mufi beating Tulsi in a landslide.” Nor did the Star-Advertiser_Hawaii News Now stories reporting the poll results. They said Mufi “had a healthy lead” over Tulsi. They also noted that Tulsi’s numbers were rising and her favorability rating had shot up dramatically. But, yes, they did get the numbers wrong. Dramatically wrong in THAT race.

    Civil Beat, OTOH, in their poll, predicted Tulsi’s defeat of Mufi quite accurately, even as they got the Mazie-Case numbers wrong. Dramatically wrong. Clearly, there is reason to suspect the polling results of either of these organizations. But not because of a “bias” of the pollsters. To his credit, Andrew pointed out what he thought was a sampling error as an explanation of the CB results. This “skewed sampling” argument is a talking point for Republicans nationwide whenever they don’t like the polling numbers.

    I believe the credibility of polling firms SHOULD rise and fall, depending upon how closely they “predict” the election results. They should be responsible. But so should politicians and their supporters. Auto de Fe has constructed a consequence free framework. If Lingle wins, he was correct to dispute the polls. If Lingle loses, it will be because the biased polls had suppressed the Lingle turnout.

    Funny how the polls showing Tulsi losing didn’t suppress HER turnout. But, hey, who says logical consistency is important? Certainly not a Romney supporter!

  9. Chicken Grease:


    Uh. I’d check your Rasmussen and Gallup polls before you start sounding so confident.

    Think there’s a sale on tissues somewhere. ;) . Go get ‘em

  10. Goober:

    The Sky is falling.
    Another one with the Delusion of Grandeur.
    Actually it was just a falling object from a bird flying overheard.

  11. Chicken Grease:

    Mmmm. “Overheard.” Huh? Wah??? Whaaaa you say?????

    Looks like chair talk had a shelf life. Of course.

  12. Kolea:

    Grease, do you actually believe what you post here? When I asked what odds the Chinatown bookies were giving on the elections, I was only half-joking. The half-joke is that Malia Zimmerman knows much about the Chinatown bookie world, despite her previous assertions. But the half-serious point is that it is awfully easy for people to pretend they believe a candidate will win, disparaging the polls which say otherwise. But there actually is a “market” on political futures where people can put some money down to back up what they pretend to believe.

    The national bookies are giving about 2-1 odds in favor of an Obama victory. Now this is an application of market principles to political predictions, a concept which should be a natural for “free market” conservatives. So is the political futures market wrong? Why is the market saying Obama is twice as likely to win? And the Dems are predicted to retain control of the Senate as well.

    Both Gallup and Rasmussen have a reputation of over-estimating Republican chances by a couple of points. So if you want to pretend you believe in those polls over In-Trade and the bookies, would you put some money down to back your argument?

  13. Goober:

    Seems the word fits the sentence.
    Overheard was not a mistake.

    Chickens don’t fly overhead, they mostly overhear.

  14. Kolea:


    I am not posting here to gloat. I am posting here to point out how out of touch the resident rightwing commenters have been with their assessments of public sentiment as well as the art and science of polling. I guess, from a purely selfish viewpoint, I should not coach them how to better understand reality. After all, it is largely the incompetence of the Republicans which have led them to such disastrous results.

    But I truly believe it is healthier for Hawaii to have political competition rooted in a two party system. And for that to happen, the local Republicans have to resist the insanity which is exerting so much influence over the national Republican Party. Here’s a clue for improving the local Republican Party: turn off Fox News and the Clear Channel talk radio stations. You have to emerge from the rightwing echo-chamber which prevents you from understanding how your neighbors think.

    Or remain inside your ideological bubble, whining about how “victimized” white men are because of the “uppity” women, gays, minorities and workers and never learning how to relate to regular folks. And continue losing elections.

  15. Chicken Grease:


    Tch, hahaha, so laughable. Don’t bite a Grease’s bolded and asterisked stylin’. Come w/yer OWN style. Well, a Grease should be appreciative — copying and/or emulation IS a sincere form of flattery, no? On Obama’s victory . . . and you copy a Grease’s style. Spock-class fascinating. Do YOU realize what YOU post here, kolea? ;)

    Seriously, congratulations to President Barack Obama for winning a 2nd term.

    And a Grease DOES believe the FOX newsers and the Mark Levins, Dennis Millers . . . dunno if they’re in genuine shock, but, they are going a bit overboard w/the Romney loss, you ask a Grease.

    A Grease says, get behind the president, but, also be CRITICAL of him, the same way the smelly pony-tailed Left would be on a President Romney. No give up lovers of true liberty . . . Obama thought the campaign was difficult? He got FOUR more years to prove he can do good. We will see.

    And we will post :D

    P.S. The Left should REALLY be concerned w/California. DID THEY REALLY VOTE IN MORE taxes for themselves? They simply want to do themselves into a 3rd World country, seems.

  16. Goober:

    Wassup “rural Babbitt”?

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