August 9th, 2010

The state Office of Elections has found that state House Speaker Calvin Say was a registered voter in state House District 20 when he was issued nomination papers for re-election.

Gay rights activists have challenged Say’s nomination papers and his voter registration, claiming that he actually lives in Pauoa instead of HD20, which covers St. Louis Heights, Palolo Valley and Wilhelmina Rise.

In a letter to the activists on Thursday, Scott Nago, the state’s chief election officer, said his office confirmed with the city clerk that Say is a registered voter at the 10th Avenue address in HD 20.

Bernice Mau, the city clerk, said today that her office is still investigating the complaint to Say’s voter registration. She said her office has written to Say asking him to show documentation that he lives on 10th Avenue. Her office is also doing its own review.

“We haven’t made a determination yet,” Mau said. “We’re still investigating it.”

2 Responses to “Home”

  1. myviewtoo:

    Maybe he lives at both places.

  2. Yoshi1940:

    Speaker, it looks bad. You have neighbors watching your house and alleging no signs of residency. Show your utility bills and prove that you reside in your Palolo home! Or if you do not, then allow your candidacy to be disallowed this time. The people of HD20 thank you for your years of service, regardless.

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