October 28th, 2012

The National Federation of Independent Business, which represents small businesses, has endorsed former Gov. Linda Lingle for U.S. Senate.

Lingle, a Republican, is facing U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono, a Democrat.

“Linda Lingle was an outstanding governor who improved the business climate in Hawaii and that’s exactly the kind of leadership that Hawaii small businesses need in the Senate,” Lisa Goeas, NFIB vice president of political and grassroots, said in a statement. “She knows that expanding the private sector is the only way to improve the US economy. And she knows that the only way to accomplish that is to get the federal government out of the way.”

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  1. myviewtoo:

    wow – those words are out of a green tea partier or a looney libertarian. what we really need to to get these folks out the way, so the nation and government can prosper. lingle claims she is a moderate and independent repub but is endorsed by an extreme right wing group, so much for being a rhetorical moderate.

  2. d1shima:

    Just helping out. You forgot this part…

    “At the start of every congressional session, NFIB surveys its members on key issues to identify their positions. Then the organization tracks the votes of every member of Congress and the Senate and applies a score from zero to 100 percent (the best), which becomes part of its Voting Record. In the current sessionRep. Hirono turned in a score of zero. In other words, she voted against NFIB members on all of the 13 issues that they identified as key votes.”

  3. CocosChoice:

    Small businesses surely can’t support Hirono. She blocks small business at every turn of the corner. Raises their taxes. She’s bad for Hawaii.

  4. mkz:

    Who is good for Hawaii business? Let’s really think about actions versus rhetoric. I am an independent and a small business owner. Under Lingle we thrived. Under Abercrombie, Hirono, we’re struggling. Please vote for a business advocate…LL.

  5. Kolea:

    The NFIB is small potatoes compared to the larger conservative PACS. Their strongest asset is probably their name, which SOUNDS good, but every word in their name is dishonest. Except maybe “National.” They have served as a front for funneling money from other groups, including millions of dollars from Karl Rove: $3.7 million in 2010; figures for 2012 are not yet available.

    They take stands which serve large corporate interests more often than those of genuine small businesses. And they are scarcely independent. Because they are secretive, the complete list of their political endorsements is only available to paid members. Nonetheless, in a few minutes, I was able to corral a list of some of those they have endorsed for the US Senate. See if you can notice a pattern.

    They include:

    Josh Mandel in OH
    George Allen in VA
    Ted Cruz in TX
    Rick Berg in ND
    Linda McMahon in CT
    Scott Brown in MA
    Connie Mack in FL
    Tommy Thompson in WI
    Mr. “Legitimate Rape,” Todd Akin in MO
    which is topped by the man who thinks “God intends” rape victims to get pregnant, Richard Murdock of IA

    Neither the NFIB nor its big brother organization, the US Chamber of Commerce, can be regarded as “independent,” “bi-partisan” or simply advocating for business interests. They are hard right ideological organizations, joined at the hip with the Republican Party. Their role will continue to grow unless some way is found to overcome the Citizens United ruling which allows for secretive and unlimited corporate cash to flood into elections through this bogus “independent” campaigns.

    This is the company the pretend “moderate,” pretend “bi-partisan” Linda Lingle keeps. She is part of their team, promoting their agenda. And NOT the interests of the people of Hawaii.

  6. Goober:

    Since 2008 many “private sector” jobs went out of business.
    lingle was no wheres around to stop it.
    Like asking the reason why lingle crossed the street.

  7. Chicken Grease:

    Wasn’t there a chair from the Eastwood Collection that she might’ve wanted to get? Doink!!!!!!!!!!

    October 29th, 2012 at 1:03 pm

    which is topped by the man who thinks “God intends” rape victims to get pregnant, Richard Murdock of IA

    Funny how the Left only manages to mention God in a pejorative sense. You hear about all the molestations.

    You NEVER hear about all the good things, say, that the Catholic Church is doing. Heck, Catholic Charities managed to get both presidential candidates Obama and Romney to appear at a fundraising event. Left press nearly FORCED to cover/show THAT one.

    Indeed. Catholics doing GREAT things.

    You just never hear it from the Leftist press.

    Romney gaining ground. Hope you and your friends are ready for the Nov. 6 swell, kolea.

  8. Goober:

    There was but she was too elephantic to sit on it.

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