Late help

October 30th, 2010

The state GOP has received a late $55,750 in contributions since the last state campaign-finance reporting deadline.

The biggest donor: Friends of Charles Djou, at $24,750.

4 Responses to “Late help”

  1. Yoshi1940:

    Interesting that Djou tried to distance himself from Aiona then Lingle in the TV debates, then made this big donation to the Republican Party.

  2. Ryan Adverderada:

    Its simple, Djou is trying to play himself as an independent in order to get enough votes to win. Many of the Case voters are independents themselves. If he is too closely tied to Lingle, many moderates and Dems will point to her final couple of years where she seemed to move to the right rather than stay near the middle. If he is too close to Aiona, people may lump him into the religious movement currently in charge of the Hawaii GOP leadership.

  3. Michael:

    The article does not say Djou donated the money but Friends of his.

  4. Ryan Adverderada:

    Michael- so you mean to tell me that Djou has no bearing on how the money is being spent by the Friends of Charles Djou? All candidates have a “group” with this type of name. it is done to remove the limits on personal expenses. That way there is an avenue for people to see where money is going from a campaign. The donations need to go somewhere. They can’t go directly to Djou. This is another way for Djou to give money to the party and not have it count against his personal limits

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