February 28th, 2012

The Democrats do not have a contested presidential primary this year, but Hawaii Democrats still hope to use Hawaii-born President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign as an organizing tool.

Democrats have planned a rally this Sunday afternoon at Washington Middle School and telephone banking to call attention the party’s presidential caucuses next Wednesday.

“Four years ago we had exciting and historic race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who are now an extraordinary team leading our country.  Although President Obama is uncontested in this year’s primary, we are already gearing up for a national presidential race which has great consequences,” Lt. Gov. Brian Schatz said in a statement. “In Hawaii we will also be working diligently to keep our Washington D.C. delegation Democratic to work with President Obama and keep us moving forward.”

On the Republican side, the results of the Michigan primary on Tuesday could help determine how long the GOP nominating fight plays out and whether the Hawaii caucuses on March 13 will get on the national  map.

2 Responses to “Launch”

  1. Goober:

    It will be a short election yet a long year.
    366 days total if we make it pass December 21st..

  2. Auto De Fe:

    Be sure not to tell anybody about where to go vote on March 13. It must be kept secret:

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