Making the Rounds

March 11th, 2010

djouPhoto by @AlexPappasDC

While some of his fellow City Council members were in Washington, D.C., this week for the legislative conference of the National Association of Counties, congressional candidate Charles Djou was making the rounds on the political circuit.

The Honolulu City Councilman showed up in the (web) pages of The Daily Caller — conservative pundit Tucker Carlson‘s counter to The Huffington Post — discussing everything from foreign policy to who he should have asked to the prom during his days at Punahou.

Two articles posted from March 10:
Hawaii congressional candidate Djou warns against ‘the nutcase in Pyongyang’
Hawaii congressional candidate Djou waves signs at 4 a.m. every morning

Although he was in Washington to raise money and meet with national Republican Party leaders, the first article notes that Djou was quick to say he does “not covet, and I do not seek national support.” Though he said he’s happy to get whatever help he can get, most of the money he has raised — 94 percent of it — has come from inside Hawaii.

And regarding that senior prom date?

Djou went to Punahou, where President Barack Obama and his sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, both graduated. Djou, class of 1988, happened to be there at the same time as the president’s younger sibling.

As noted in the second Daily Caller article: “Had I known her older brother would be president, I would’ve asked her out to prom,” he said with a laugh.

Djou is running for the 1st Congressional District seat being vacated by Neil Abercrombie, who resigned to concentrate full-time on his run for governor. He is the only Republican in the race.

Democratic challengers include former U.S. Rep. Ed Case and state Senate President Colleen Hanabusa.

The mail-in special election for the seat is to be decided May 22.

Update, March 12 (10:30 a.m.):

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which is closely following the race and hoping to avoid another Scott Brown-style upset in Obama’s home state, didn’t miss its chance to take a shot at Djou.

From a news release, Andy Stone, the DCCC’s western regional press secretary:

“Djou should come clean with Hawaiians about what he did in D.C. – and his mutual agreement with national Republicans on an agenda that’s for corporate specials interests and against the needs of Hawaii’s families.”

When contacted via e-mail earlier this week by the Star-Bulletin about what he was doing in Washington, Djou replied: “Meetings.”

2 Responses to “Making the Rounds”

  1. Robert Joseph:

    In today’s blog you commented: “Democratic challengers [to Charles Djou] include former U.S. Rep. Ed Case and state Senate President Colleen Hanabusa. In fact, Djou has three rivals from the Democatic Party: you neglected to mention Rafael “Del” del Castillo. Del is a particularly attractive candidate because he is not a career politician, in contrast to the other candidates, and this makes him unique. Washington’s gridlock is in part due to the Congress being full of career politicians whose primary aim is re-election, rather than serving the rest of us. Del is a working health care and civil rights lawyer aiming to become a “citizen legislator.” We need more like him to stand against the career politicians.


    Bob Joseph

  2. Kolea:

    Djou is delusional if he thought Maya would have accepted his invite to the prom. Djou was then and is now, a geek. I knew Maya slightly when she was in her twenties. Today, she is an attractive, intelligent and compassionate woman. In her twenties, she was HOT, HOT, HOT.

    No way she would have settled for a dweeb like Djou as a prom date in high school.

    Dream on, Chuckles.

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