August 14th, 2012

Former Gov. Linda Lingle’s Republican campaign for U.S. Senate is up with a new television advertisement that portrays U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono, her Democratic opponent, as ineffective.

The spot, called “Do the Math,” says Hirono has not had a bill she sponsored become law during her six years in the U.S. House.

From retired Maj. Gen. Robert G.F. Lee, Lingle’s campaign manager:

Mazie Hirono has a record of ineffective leadership in Washington. Her success rate of 0% is shameful. It’s not that surprising since she has already missed 127 votes so far this year. While Hirono is out campaigning and speaking in over-arching terms about how she can help the people of Hawaii, her record tells a different story. Governor Lingle has a proven record of tangible results to benefit all the people.

Betsy Lin, Hirono’s campaign manager, had this response:

Three days into the general election campaign, and it is crystal clear that Linda Lingle has fully embraced the silly season of politics by disingenuously spinning and distorting Mazie Hirono’s record yet again. This is all part of Lingle’s continued effort to remake her own image, run away from her abysmal record as Hawaii’s governor, and hide from the truth that she is closely aligned with the national Republican party and everything they stand for.

Yesterday, Lingle released a political ad suggesting that Hirono has not been an effective leader in Congress. The truth is clearly something that doesn’t seem to concern Lingle and her campaign.

The fact is Congresswoman Hirono has spent the last six years fighting for the people of Hawaii in Washington, DC. Since being elected to Congress, Hirono has consistently worked with individuals, organizations, community leaders and elected officials in Hawaii to secure federal resources for local and state programs and projects. She has repeatedly ranked among the top members of Congress to advocate for federal funding in Washington, D.C. for Hawaii. For example, Hirono fought for nearly $150 million in federal funding for local and state programs and projects in 2010, `ranking [her] 1st out of 435 representatives.’ (

9 Responses to “Math”

  1. Goober:

    lingle also has a record of not being bi-partisan and
    cannot save jobs. she is finding fault in wording as a way not
    to pass Civil Unions and passed the buck to our present
    Governor. Yet the buck she left behind was a Hawaii that was short of cash.
    Calling an audit, “shoddy”. Working with unions
    behind closed doors to come up with Furlough Fridays.
    Yet in doing so, she retained her job as governor.

    “Do the Math”. lingle should retire and get out of Hawaii’s Politics.
    she is not for Hawaii but a transplant from the Mainland.

    In life there are leaders and without followers there can be no leader.
    Hirono is needed to pass bills and not create them. lingle wants to pass the Akaka Bill which fellow republicans voted against. The numbers are “SHODDY”.

  2. Chicken Grease:

    Dunno how Hirono can counter this with a “but, I helped get overall Democratic bills through with me vote on the floor” enough to counter this LL accusation. Heck yes, I want my Rep’ to have passed something ‘fore she try out for Senate.

    Oh, gosh. Is a Hirono being groomed properly for Senate by our two (or at least one of ‘em?) distinguished Senators? I think the best campaign ads Hirono can do is show Inouye showing how the job’s done and why Hirono’s necessarily qualified. Does the party care? I mean, she lost to Lingle before and THAT is why Lingle sees Hirono as prey.

    Hoo-hoo, a Grease ultimately wants Hirono to win, but, gotta give the big ups to Lingle for having mentioned Hirono (to paraphrase, if not an exact quote) situating this election on bad childhoods. Ouch and yowza. And bazinga! Your move, Hirono.

    A Grease simply thinks Hirono’s going have hard time in the General. Her recent jabs (at the Democrat breakfast this past Sunday) toward double L sounded simply childish. And also, and I don’t see her former boss Cayetano giving any visible public backup to Hirono . . . yet.

  3. CocosChoice:

    Kind of a sad retort from Mazie’s camp. Hard to argue with the facts. If you’ve passed nothing, you’ve effectively… well… passed nothing.

  4. SpoilsOfAloha:

    At least she’s consistent – Mazie didn’t do anything as Lt. Governor and she hasn’t done anything as a Congresswoman. Course, that was 8 years as LG, and her dry spell of accomplishments has only lasted 6 years in D.C. So maybe we should give her another couple of years to see if she can get SOMETHING passed into law.

  5. Ken Conklin:

    “Former Gov. Linda Lingle’s Republican campaign for U.S. Senate is up with a new television advertisement that portrays U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono, her Democratic opponent, as ineffective”

    Yes, Hirono is ineffective. That’s exactly why I will vote for Hirono. Both Hirono and Lingle favor the Akaka bill to rip apart our people and lands along racial lines. Both of them support the huge number of racial entitlement programs. But the only reason the Akaka bill has never passed in 12 years of trying is that Republicans in the Senate have blocked it. If Lingle, as a Republican, sits in caucus with them every day, she might succeed in persuading them to stop blocking it. Whereas the Senate Republicans will ignore Democrat Hirono just as they have ignored Dan Akaka for 12 years.

    Republicans, and conservative independents like me, have no reason to vote for Lingle. She has repeatedly touted herself as Democrat-lite — a bipartisan compromiser who will behave like Olympia Snowe, often voting with the Democrats. It’s better to have a radical leftwing machine Democrat in the Senate than a Democrat-lite so-called Republican who will undercut the Republicans from inside.

    Yes, Hirono will be ineffective in the Senate. That’s the best reason to vote for her. For details about why it’s important to defeat Lingle and Djou, see

  6. kalo1:

    Lingle did more than Mazie (not hard to do when someone does nothing) from 2003 through 2010, Hawaii had 21,000 more wage and salary jobs according to DBEDT. This includes the impact, 2008 through 2010, of the global financial crisis period before the global financial crisis: from 2003 through 2008, 39,000 more jobs… Hirono??

  7. shaftalley:

    ken conklin has some very interesting points.i agree with ken that she is liberal/moderate politician.the only thing that concerns me about republican party in general is that the party is a big government party despite all this tea party talk.

  8. Goober:

    People want Oahu and the Neighbor Islands to look like the Mainland than vote for lingle.
    lingle is by the mainland, for the mainland and of the mainland.

  9. Goober:

    Hirono tells her story of her hardship not for sympathy but to show to the people, who were born and raised in Hawaii that she is for the 99% even if she is rich. She worked her way to becoming rich. She says she will do things for Hawaii and not the Mainland.
    lingle who was born on the Mainland was silver spoon fed and all the way 1%. lingle never struggled except for identity. “I know who I am, but what are you?”

    Mazie may have been born in Japan but to me “Made in Japan” has more face and integrity than “Made in USA” but actually “Made in China”.

    As for what Ken Conklin says. Two Cents from a person who denies their own heritage and say they are Americans but not of Native American Blood. Jealous of those who know who they really are. Mainland republican is not the same as Island republican. In Hawaii they are called RINOs. Democrats or Tea Party member who act like Mainland republicans. Learn the difference before you missionary go preaching.

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