`Mazie? Really?’

August 25th, 2012

State Senate Minority Leader Sam Slom (R, Diamond Head-Hawaii Kai) has been one of the few conservatives who have encouraged former state lawmaker and attorney John Carroll’s underdog Republican campaigns over the past decade. He has also been among the few Republicans not publicly in lock-step with former Gov. Linda Lingle.

But even a contrarian like Slom was disappointed that Carroll would endorse U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono, a liberal Democrat, over Lingle for U.S. Senate.

From an email from Slom to Carroll on Friday:

Tell me this isn’t true; its a bad joke (Atomic Monkey?) and a bad dream?

Was anyone in your “brain trust” asked about this first? Was there any serious discussion?

Mazie? Really? Yes, she is “predictable;” she has always opposed EVERYTHING we all value and will continue to do so if elected. “Good and honest character?” Mazie?

John, what are you thinking? Did you soar in your Sweitzer glider too high without oxygen?

No endorsement would have been preferable.

Many people have always admired you and your independence and clear judgement . And ability to stand for the truth.

But this is a critical mistake.

I’m frankly surprised and disappointed.

Had to weigh in.



Carroll tried to explain:

Sam, Yes, I did endorse Mazie over Lingle. Lingle’s judgement is so faulty than I can’t in good conscience do anything, which includes nothing to let her sit in the US Senate.

I had much counsel about this, and I made the decision before the election was over.

I gave you a big plug at the news conference citing the fact that after 12 years as Party leader we had just one senato of 25 and 8 reps of 51.

I knew that I may get expelled from the Party, but frankly, the party is Lingle, not Republican…

I believe you will see the clarity of my thinking if you look at LL’s Myth v Fact piece.

I am your friend and appreciate your chastisement.

Aloha Nui


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