`Mazie? Really?’

August 25th, 2012

State Senate Minority Leader Sam Slom (R, Diamond Head-Hawaii Kai) has been one of the few conservatives who have encouraged former state lawmaker and attorney John Carroll’s underdog Republican campaigns over the past decade. He has also been among the few Republicans not publicly in lock-step with former Gov. Linda Lingle.

But even a contrarian like Slom was disappointed that Carroll would endorse U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono, a liberal Democrat, over Lingle for U.S. Senate.

From an email from Slom to Carroll on Friday:

Tell me this isn’t true; its a bad joke (Atomic Monkey?) and a bad dream?

Was anyone in your “brain trust” asked about this first? Was there any serious discussion?

Mazie? Really? Yes, she is “predictable;” she has always opposed EVERYTHING we all value and will continue to do so if elected. “Good and honest character?” Mazie?

John, what are you thinking? Did you soar in your Sweitzer glider too high without oxygen?

No endorsement would have been preferable.

Many people have always admired you and your independence and clear judgement . And ability to stand for the truth.

But this is a critical mistake.

I’m frankly surprised and disappointed.

Had to weigh in.



Carroll tried to explain:

Sam, Yes, I did endorse Mazie over Lingle. Lingle’s judgement is so faulty than I can’t in good conscience do anything, which includes nothing to let her sit in the US Senate.

I had much counsel about this, and I made the decision before the election was over.

I gave you a big plug at the news conference citing the fact that after 12 years as Party leader we had just one senato of 25 and 8 reps of 51.

I knew that I may get expelled from the Party, but frankly, the party is Lingle, not Republican…

I believe you will see the clarity of my thinking if you look at LL’s Myth v Fact piece.

I am your friend and appreciate your chastisement.

Aloha Nui


8 Responses to “`Mazie? Really?’”

  1. Goober:

    A-Mazie-ing how those who oppose think.

    All ready Sam says vote for lingle cause she is a republican.
    When you define republican, be specific Sam. lingle is a RINO
    or acts like a republican in Donkey clothing as rumored.

    As one would say Mazie is a “Mousy” and Elephants are scared
    of mice. RINOs are too blind but have a keen sense of smell.
    Literally they stink.

  2. protector:

    Is it Sam Slom Uber Allus? What exactly again are all the Values that he and his party hold so dear? And note that his party’s platform planks have been basically unpalatable for many decades to the people of Hawaii except for a mpmentary reactionary backlash. You treasure anti-abortion, tax-breaks for the rich, incentives to corporations that out-source American jobs, discriminate against those minorities with alternate lifestyles, favor cutting social welfare, medicare, etc. It’s amazing to me that his party has any constituents at all in the islands . But then again, we are a microcosm of society and in any society you probably will have your share of wealthy people that are selfish, bigots and racists (skinheads, Ku Klux Klan, serial sociopaths, etc.)., and other people who don’t understand the privilege of living here in a special place. As for being of good and honest character, Mazie has Lingle beat by a country mile. Lingle showed she was a liar and and heavy-handed and vindictive governor. You want her to screw us up as a Senator as well? Get real.

  3. Eric Ryan:

    Mazie Hirono’s campaign stands to benefit BIG TIME from this endorsement. The entire machinery of John Carroll’s campaign will be put to use to benefit Hirono’s general election push. First, there’s the impressive fundraising operation which saw Carroll ‘dialing for dollars’ to the tune of at least $5 per month. Second, there’s the enormous volunteer operation comprised of five old white guys sitting around Carroll’s office lamenting how Lingle’s campaign actually had volunteers engaging in campaign-related activities. Third, Carroll’s endorsement ensures that Carroll’s top 2012 consultant and former Mufi Hannemann consultant Keith Rollman would be put to use to help Mazie Hirono realize the same fate as Mufi “Compare and Decide” Hannemann and John “Who?” Carroll. All in all, this is a MAJOR net plus for Hirono. I can almost envision Linda Lingle shivering in fear under her desk being comforted by some extremely worried advisors.

  4. Andy Parx:

    So let me get this straight- Lingle thinks Carroll is a joke but the only elected R in the state senate supported Carroll and is appoplectic over his endorement of Mazie. Is there any wonder nobody votes for these guys?… it’s the gang that couldn’t vote straight.

  5. Keith Rollman:

    While Ryan is entitled to his “opinions,” and even a “fantasy” version of events, he is not entitled to churn out deliberate disinformation. While I served as a consultant to Hannemann’s 2004 and 2008 mayoral campaigns, I had no paid assignment (including direct mail) in 2010. Anyone can check the campaign spending reports to verify this fact.

  6. Eric Ryan:

    Keith Rollman speaks with forked tongue. Rollman’s “pay” was his bogus City job which required him to use City computers to attack Mufi’s political opponents. Rollman even identified his association to Derrick Depledge of the Star-Advertiser in 2010:


    Rollman’s close association to Mufi Hannemann’s campaign has been highly documented. Nobody in Honolulu believes that Rollman had nothing to do with Mufi’s campaign in 2010 or Mufi’s flameout in the 2010 primary. Facts are facts.


  7. Dan Douglass:

    This is a significant blow to Lingle. Not for the 2900 votes Carroll earned in the primary, but because the endorsement affirms and builds on the Hirono campaign’s narrative of bi-partisanship, now locally. This is the coveted message both campaigns want to be the champion of to earn the independent/less-partisan votes. Lingle’s camp can minimalize and ridicule Carroll’s endorsement all they want, but they have yet to put a single recognizable liberal/democratic face to substantiate the governor as “bi-partisan.” Those who’ve been around, know Carroll’s background in service and the principle’s he holds to. The Carroll endorsement is a trophy for the Hirono camp, that could serve to further cripple Lingle’s campaign if Carroll is made a work-horse to support Hirono and criticize Lingle in events targeting undecided independents. And he has the energy.

  8. Keith Rollman:

    As previously stated in CivilBeat (when Eric Ryan launched a similar off-topic personal attack on me):

    Eric Ryan’s reason to exist is based entirely on slandering his “enemies,” which is a pretty long list at this point. John Carroll fired him a couple of years ago for mismanaging one of his campaigns, and I filed a criminal complaint for a fraudulent email on which someone had forged my name. A subsequent police investigation tracked it to Mr. Ryan. In Eric’s world this makes both John and I his “enemies,” upon whom he needs to extract revenge.

    Eric’s most recent “hate” sites against Tom Berg (who made the mistake of employing him at the city…and subsequently firing him); and Rep. Kymberly Pine, who refused to pay one of his fraudulent bills have just been taken down from the Internet. I believe this was due to a TRO granted Kym to keep him from harassing her, which was finally enforced by the authorities.

    Ryan is a sad case, and undoubtedly believes his actions are fully justified as he desperately fights back against an unfair and hostile world. This is one of the symptoms of sociopathic behavior.

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