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August 10th, 2010

We have updated our rundown of potentially competitive state House and Senate races with campaign-finance data from the latest reports. We have also added a House race, and upgraded House District 31 in Salt Lake from a “tossup” to “leans Democratic,” based on the reports and feedback from political analysts.

*HD43 (Ewa Beach, Iroquois Point, Puuloa)
Rep. Kymberly Pine (R)
(Raised this period: $9,990 Cash on hand: $15,812 Total: $30,944)
Jason Bradshaw (D)
(Raised this period: $14,050 Cash on hand: $5,253 Total: $14,050)
Kurt Fevella (D)
(Raised this period: $2,911 Cash on hand: $2,222 Total: $6,989)
Outlook: Leans Republican. Pine, a former Republican aide, has been an organizer for tea party and anti-tax rallies. She was also the only House lawmaker to vote against diverting money from the state’s hurricane relief fund to help end teacher furloughs. Pine wanted to borrow, not take, money from the hurricane fund. Plugged into her demographically shifting district, Pine won re-election in 2008 with more than 70 percent of the vote and took 63.5 percent in 2006. Bradshaw, a former Democratic aide, is political director of the AFL-CIO and has shown some fundraising ability. His message? “We can do better!”

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  1. Nikki Heat:

    You vote on the bill before you and Kym Pine’s vote effectively was against resolving Furlough Fridays– there was no proposal to borrow the money on the floor. It was telling that GOP Lt. Gov. frontrunner Lynn Finnegan was so conflicted during the debate on tapping the Hawaii hurricane relief fund, she changed her mind several times from voting against (likely along the lines of Kym’s preference on taking a loan from the unused HHRF moneys), to voting in favor with reservations. One of the House members noted that the bill tapping the HHRF on the floor was the only funding vehicle available so reps could either voted in favor and resolve Furlough Fridays, or in practical sense would be voting a preference to just continue Furlough Fridays in the next school year because they were stuck on the idea of borrowing the money instead.

  2. ohiaforest3400:

    For me, much more telling is Pyne’s penchant for the poorly-conceived attempts at political drama, like the flag pole bill. It was about poles, not flags, yet she metaphorically wrapped herself in the flag and stained it with her crocodile tears. She looked silly, even with a bonehead like Rida Cabanilla on the other side. Big heart, maybe; empty head, definitely. She and Corinne Ching have about as much going on up there, at least politically; as in, nothing.

  3. ewa.steve:

    Pine’s popularity in the Ewa plain is remarkable, and extends beyond her own district. Her involvement with the anti-tax/smaller government crowd have endeared her to many. The housing crisis has impacted too many homes in the Ocean Pointe and Gentry subdivisions, and the neighborhoods are reminded daily of this as they drive by scores of houses with brown grass and dying trees. Taxes are a *big* deal in district 43.

    More people voted for her (7178) than for President Obama (6375) in the 2008 election, and she won her own race 70/30, and yet the district only rates a “leans republican”?? Really?

  4. The Real Deal:

    @”Nikki Heat” : Your comments that “you vote on the bill before you” ignore the growing problem. The leadership in the majority caucus continues to bully the rest of the body by coming up with a SINGLE solution, striking down all others and holding the House hostage to ensure its’ passage.

    This one was particularly egregious, both in that it raided the hurricane fund, AND in the way majority leadership brow beat the majority caucus into going along with it.

    It is unfortunate that Minority Leader Lynn Finnegan did not have the fortitude to stand up to these tactics. It’s clear, in her pattern of voting prior to the final vote, that she knew raiding the hurricane fund was wrong. But in the end, she gave in to the fear tactics just like 50 of the 51 Representatives.

    Real, Bold Leadership? There was ONE Representative that displayed real, bold leadership and it was NOT Lynn Finnegan.

    It’s completely wrong to say a vote against this bill was a vote to continue furlough Fridays. You seem to be unaware of how the legislature works. I’m impressed that you are able to quote “one of the house members” in saying this was the only measure on the floor. The reason it was the only mechanism is the leadership of the majority caucus made SURE it was the only measure. Also, once the majority has enough votes for passage of a bill, it’s passed. With this bill, the minority caucus knew there would be more than enough votes for passage, even without any minority member voting yes. A ‘no’ vote at that point is simply a vote to do the right thing (borrowing) even if the rest of the body has already been railroaded.

  5. Veterans for Truth:

    @ohiaforest: I could respond that the bill was NOT about flag poles, and in fact only removed the onerous restrictions placed on merely putting out an American flag in a planned community association, even if just on a short mount.

    I could remind everyone that the same Senate committee that killed this bill passed a measure allowing clotheslines, electric car chargers and a few other good ideas that planned community associations seem to be against, overriding any & all covenants saying otherwise.

    I could mention how Rep. Rida Cabanilla (D-42) stood IN FRONT OF A NEWS CAMERA and said “I made this bill worse on purpose so it would not pass”. So, if you don’t like what the bill said, take a look at what Rida Cabanilla did to it.

    I could even say that while you made a clever statement accusing the Rep of ‘crocodile tears’, the only person I ever witnessed crying during this whole process were two veterans (while another veteran was testifying). I’m sure you would only then accuse ME of being dramatic.

    I could make any of these points and more, but it wouldn’t matter. You’re just regurgitating the same talking points I heard when this bill was nearing passage earlier this year, and you only serve to remind me that no matter how simple or good an idea is, there will always be those that will oppose anything.

  6. Eric Ryan:

    Kym Pine’s existence in the state legislature is a source of frustration for me and for the political machine that runs Hawaii. For the machine, they want another marionette puppet whose strings they can easily pull. They don’t have to look much further for someone to run against Pine than one of their own government employee union lackeys. It’s fun to watch these unions use the dues of their unemployed workers to play politics by funding (and in Bradshaw’s case, even mounting) a campaign for office. More proof that they only care about their own well-being and not about their members. “Hey, let’s get control of even more seats at the legislature so we can raise taxes and make the cost of living in Hawaii even higher.” Such economic ineptitude never ceases to underwhelm me. As for Pine frustrating me, her existence keeps the hope of a two-party system alive while illustrating the benefits such competition brings to a more healthy debate. However, when you think about the fake Republican losers like Lynn Finnegan or Linda Lingle, such faith in the potential of a two-party system gets quickly undermined. Bottom line, in 2010, we need more Pines and fewer Bradshaw’s and fewer Finnegan’s, or Hawaii’s state government will strangle us all to death.

  7. ohiaforest3400:

    VFT, I’m not regurgitating talking points, I wrote them.

    First, the bill most definitely was about flag POLES. It would have enacted a new section entitled “flag poles” and would have applied to “erecting and using a flag pole.” What do you not understand about that? And it was probably unconstitutional in that it would have permitted use of the pole only for flying the US or state flag, but no other; MIA? Nope. Gadsden? Nope. Try read the bill, ‘kay?

    Second, there already is a federal law that accomplishes what the proponents wanted.

    Third, living in a planned community with rules regarding architectural features and review of proposals to add/modify was the choice of these individuals. Asking the State to fix a problem of their own creation is decidedly un-American.

    Finally, my father — a highly decorated WWII combat veteran — and I fly both the US and state flag everyday. Kym Pine did not represent him with her weepy floor speeches and grade school rhetoric. She didn’t make him want to cry, she made him want to vomit.

    PS: Regardless of how she handled this bill — or perhaps because of it — Cabanilla is a classless boob who should not be reelected in any event.

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