August 13th, 2010

State Rep. John Mizuno, (D-Kamehameha Heights, Kalihi Valley, Fort Shafter), wants to ban the N-word.

He said in a news release today that he would introduce a resolution next session even though it would be symbolic and would not have the force of state law.

Some of Mizuno’s previous news releases, and his steady stream of hearings, have caused some eye-rolling among his colleagues at the state Capitol who think the chairman of the House Human Services Committee may be grandstanding . (For fun, Google `John Mizuno’ and `N-word.’)

Mizuno explained that he came up with the idea for the resolution after watching media coverage of talk-show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s use of the N-word.

I know this measure will not have the effect of law and will be viewed as symbolic, however I feel compelled to introduce a resolution to address such a hateful and offensive word. It need not be in the dictionary or acknowledged in our society.

Certainly, coordinating a strong movement out of the global recession, ensuring quality education, working on our homelessness issue, domestic violence, public safety, and illegal drug use are greater issues.

However, as a people, I truly believe that this resolution represents who we are; fortified by humility, love, respect, and kindness, with many voices and issues, sometimes different views. We work for the common good where our people can achieve prosperity and security without bigotry. The spirit of Aloha is without such demeaning words.

7 Responses to “N-word”

  1. bruddahsam:

    I agree that bigotry and hate speech offend but are we going to start jailing people for their first and fourteenth amendment right? Is the government going to outlaw every rap album with a explicit stamp on the cover? And Jail the offenders? I guess 50 cent will never be allowed in Hawaii (no biggie i don’t really care for his music)

    Words hurt or free us and if you allow a demeaning comment to offend you, it binds your ability to have compassion for those who would be your adversary. (this was practiced by both M.L.King and Gandhi. Extreme tolerance in the face of intolerance.

    I agree that Hate speech that incites violence is against the law, but what about all the other filthy names we call each other? Every form of bigotry has a disgusting phrase. They existed with the founding fathers but notice they did not out law the terms, instead they put them all in the dictionary. Same goes for the 18th amendment even tho it was out lawed it still remains as a scar in our bill of rights, why? Same reason they did not out law hate speech, it has a lesson that people can still learn from.

  2. charles:

    *eyes rolling* Maybe the good representative ought to expand the reso and say that all of us should be nice to children and small furry animals.

    The concern I have is that when someone does this, people think all politicians are distracted and not paying attention to the critical issues at hand. It becomes a parody and fodder for the Gridiron show.

    Rep. Mizuno (and Rep. Cabanilla) should focus on resolving the homeless issue which is far more impactful than trying to legislate civility and courtesy. He should also talk with the homeless without the media cameras around. I wonder how open the people who are homeless are when they see news cameras filming what they are saying.

  3. andy:

    ridiculous. even black people say the N-word. what about words like Jap or Chink? those words are demeaning along with a whole lot of others. stop wasting your time and our tax dollars. how about we ban legislators from doing or saying stupid things? or how about we ban legislators, period? what an idiot.

  4. Walking Vaughn:

    Since when is it the job of the Legislature to control speech? This should not be done even as a symbolic resolution. I imagine many fools will fall in line behind Mizuno becuase the highest calling of a fool in modern life is to constantly prove he is not a bigot.

  5. Michael:

    Many are offended by the “H” word meaning foreigner.
    I don’t take it as an insult.

    I know and jokingly say this. Many husbands hate the 2 ‘N” words “Not” “Now”!

  6. ohiaforest3400:

    I would use the “F-word” to describe Mizuno: all fluff, no stuff.

  7. Michael:


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