New assignments

June 30th, 2011

New City Council Chairman Ernie Martin today announced the revised list of City Council committee assignments.

The news release and full committee lineup:
City Council Committees

5 Responses to “New assignments”

  1. ohiaforest3400:

    Wow, Nestor went from Council Chair to nothing, apparently by his own choice. “Fine, if I can’t be king of the hill then I won’t play in your sandbox at all!”

  2. Back to the future:

    Kobayashi has been a total disaster on the council for years, and it is terrible news that she will be budget chair. She was the council’s number one obstructionist when she held the post before, deliberately causing endless drama for political reasons and accomplishing nothing of substance, while constantly manipulating the feckless puppet she helped install as council chair. If voters really understood what goes on there, they would be sickened.

  3. Goober:

    Garcia looks like the type to work but not get dirty doing so.

  4. Auntie Pilau:

    An astute observer or semiconscious barfly might look deep into a sweating glass of Bud and surmise the following:
    Political forces aligned with Abercrombie and pals are shopping for, and/or trying to build up, a candidate to run against Carlisle for mayor next year.
    They are probably eyeing Ernie Martin or Kobayashi.
    Either way, Kobayashi will probably do everything she can to undermine Carlisle from now until then.
    Expect lots of needless bickering, lots of loaded questions, lots of ignoring responses, and more of the usual pandering to the Olelo audience and any news cameras that show up, lots of platitudes about saving taxpayer money and protecting seniors and nonprofits, and lots of emptiness when you strip all the bark away.
    We’ve all been subjected to this excruciatingly bad theater before, ad nauseam. I’d rather watch Jackass.

  5. charlie:

    Please help We don’t want grass to be #1 export let arrest the mafia or drug house,
    let pray people write to you or law with information to arrest drug dealers
    do it for a better furture for our kids & country

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