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January 11th, 2013

A week after calling for an apology from him, U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa appeared Friday on conservative host Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News program to confront him about a recent report examining Hawaii’s liberal values and his characterization of the islands’ Asian population.

Hanabusa said producers contacted her to see if she wanted to discusss the matter on air.

“I think whenever you’re able to tell him what you think, irrespective of whether he’s listening or he will be convinced or not, the reason you’re doing it is because you’re hoping that there’s some people out there whose image of Hawaii that he may have painted will somehow think twice about what he has said,” Hanabusa said in an interview after the segment, taped earlier Friday, aired on “The O’Reilly Factor.”

The entire segment here from

Hanabusa called for an apology from O’Reilly last week, catching the attention of MSNBC host Ed Schultz and Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert:

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