One vote

January 31st, 2012

Republicans have filed challenges to the party’s election of Ted Liu, an ally of former Gov. Linda Lingle, as national committeeman.

Liu, the former director of the state Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism under Lingle, beat Willes Lee, a former state party chairman, by a single vote in the Jan. 21 election at party headquarters.

The challengers claim that the party improperly allowed votes by proxy and email, tipping the election to Liu, who won 31 to 30.

“As mentioned, the challenges are presented because we believe in fair and honest elections, not one that is cheated or stolen to win,” one Republican said in an email. “It’s about the entire Republican Party having a voice for the `everyday people’ and not just about one person controlling every single aspect of the party.”

David Chang, the state’s GOP chairman, said the challenges are being reviewed in consultation with Terry Thomason, the party’s rules chief.

“We’re taking them seriously,” Chang said.

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