August 19th, 2010

The Hawaii Government Employees Association has decided not to endorse in the state House District 20 Democratic primary between state House Speaker Calvin Say and Realtor Dwight Synan.

The state’s largest public-sector union had said last week that a decision on the Palolo district was pending.

The lack of an endorsement is a reflection of the union’s displeasure with Say over his proposals to scale back state worker benefits because of the state’s budget deficit and his reluctance to consider an increase in the general-excise tax to bring in new revenue.

The Hawaii State AFL-CIO has endorsed Synan.

3 Responses to “Open”

  1. noname.please0:

    Let slown down Drug dealers say no to drugs. #1 export from Hawaii is grass (dope)
    wish we can have more drug dealers arrested.& people turn them inmay be their is an informant fee to the people that turn in drug dealers wish the can turn in their hidden we need more crack head or meth users.i guess we can waite till another baby is tossed over bridge

  2. charles:

    Looks like the Hawaii State AFL-CIO is the only labor organization to actually endorse Synan over Say. But many unions went “open” which is a sign of not supporting the speaker.

    That said, Say will win and win handily as far as I can tell.

  3. Eric Ryan:

    This sheds light on all HGEA endorsements. They want MORE MONEY, MORE BENEFITS, and they want them NOW. After 50 years of raping and pillaging Hawaii, the duo of the Democrat Party and the HGEA just don’t know how to be patient and wait for the economy to rev up again. NOW, NOW, NOW . . . FEED THE BEAST. WE WANT YOUR MONEY. Down with Calvin Say, up with budget-busting Obama-type liberals who will install money-printers in the Capitol basement just to keep the money flowing to the special interests. Tax tax tax tax, the Democrats and the HGEA sure know how to squeeze the last penny out of Hawaii.

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