August 30th, 2012

Hawaii delegates at the Republican National Convention in Tampa get a share of the spotlight on Thursday as activities wrap up for the week.

Dylan Nonaka, an Iraq war veteran and former executive director of the Hawaii Republican Party, was chosen to lead the delegates in the Pledge of Allegiance to start Thursday’s final session, when former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney formally accepts his party’s nomination for president.

Said Nonaka:

“It is a great privilege to represent Hawaii and our long history of military service to our country. I have wanted to attend a national convention since I was four years old. Now having not only been able to attend as a delegate but also to lead the convention in pledging allegiance to our great country is an honor beyond description.”

Nonaka will be the only member of the Hawaii delegation to take the stage in Tampa, the state party said in a news release. Nonaka was a Marine with the 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 and continues to serve as a U.S. Army Reservist with the 871st Engineer Company in Hilo.

On Wednesday night, delegates heard from speakers including former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice before U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan took the stage to formally accept the GOP nomination for vice president.

Earlier in the day, activities were disrupted by disgruntled supporters of Texas Congressman and one-time presidential candidate Ron Paul.


A long stream of Paul’s backers from Maine, Oklahoma, Oregon, Arizona, and several other states protested the Republican National Committee’s treatment of Paul and his supporters by walking out of the convention hall with chants of, “As Maine goes, so goes the nation!”

The Paul supporters were protesting a rule change that the RNC adopted the night before in floor proceedings that would allow any future presumptive presidential nominee to disown delegates who support another candidate. The RNC refused to seat half of the delegates Ron Paul won from Maine in a dispute with that state’s party.

Paul’s supporters vehemently opposed the move because they make up the most significant presence, next to Romney’s backers, at the convention and want their voices to be acknowledged as not supporting Romney.

Hawaii had two representatives on the rules committee, delegates Jacquelyn Skaf and David Chang, the state party chairman. The Hawaii delegation supported the rules changes. Skaf was among those who supported the rule changes.

Said Skaf in an email to the Rules Committee:

I agree. Furthermore, the revised RNC rules respect each states’ right to make their own state party rules as long as the candidate who “wins” the state also “wins” the delegates. In other words, if Candidate A wins the state you cannot send delegates to elect Candidate B. Imagine the confusion and sense of voter disenfranchisement when a state thinks they have elected Candidate A only to find out later that Candidate B received the delegates! I support this rule because it makes sense to rank and file voters, folks we would like to empower to vote and stay committed to the democratic process.

Hawaii delegates cast 17 of their 20 votes for Romney on Tuesday night, with the last three going to Paul. Delegates were rewarded proportionally based on the results of the party’s statewide presidential caucus in March.

Romney won a majority of delegates with 44 percent of the vote.  Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum won five delegates, who pledged their votes for Romney when the vote was announced Tuesday night by Erin Kealoha Fale, the delegation’s vice chairwoman.

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  1. Dan Douglass:

    Ms. Skaff: It is nonetheless a top down power grab on the national level from each state party to silence delegates that were duly elected by those states the way they’ve determined. Maybe the “rank and file” party members you surveyed wouldn’t be confused or feel disenfranchised if they read their state party rules. Rule 16 is the death to presidential candidate dissent rule on the national party level. But who really cares about empowering the process from the bottom up anyway, right? Ra ra ra… Balloons and confetti!

  2. Chicken Grease:

    Pretty good, pretty good for Nonaka. The Pledge of Allegiance is important to do prior to ANY event. It’s quick, it’s important, saying it identifies us as Americans, and we should all be proud that someone from the 50th state gets to lead the crowd with the Pledge, closing night. We’ll see if local TV news channels give Nonaka as much deserved coverage as they do with local TV crime show premieres on the beach, certain really-seems-has-been-already golfers, and mainland news related to Hawaii 10 to 100 degrees away from our islands (‘specially if Nonaka’s mentioned by a certain local news anchors, whose fawning over The President’s just . . . just a bit too much).

    Networks can show The Pledge of Allegiance, goes quick enough. Dunno how they gonna air 2 hours of chanting next week, though.

    Whooooooo. Must admit. The Repubs at this convention’s doing pretty darn well and in encapsulating everything minus a scheduled day (Monday, due to the oncoming storms o’there). Christy kicked butt, Rand Paul did some nice damage . . . too many to mention. Hahhhaahah, Tim Pawlenty’s “tattoo’d president”; all around, Pawlenty was just a virtuoso with his take tonight. Dr. Condeleeza Rice, just, man, it was like, man. Can we let her still be Secretary of State starting, like, now?

    Good, good, good to see an assumption by the elephants with regard to — what Christy simply crystallized and galvanized, incidentally — this whole no apologies yarn (which better continue to unfurl toward and past November).

    Nice to see RNC speakers’ hammering on Obama’s “you didn’t build that” epic error. Whoooooooeeey. Dunno how the prez’ can get outta that one in debate.

    Like a Billy Sparks whispering to The Kid, after Apollonia 6′s performance near the end of Purple Rain, somebahdy need to tell next week’s Democratic National Convention (I am just, I cannot wait to see Biden-my-Time start talkin’ next week. Can you? Hahahaha!), “you better kick @$* . . .”

    Really beginning to see Romney as someone who deserves this job and someone who can lead this country. They can find anything on him because . . . there’s nothing ON the guy, substantially. They gotta stretch the truth (the whole Romney made that lady have . . . well, you’ve all heard the non truth that the Dems now shy away from nowadays). I mean, Business school and law school at the same time? Hardcore.

    It’s not about prissy feelings anymore. It’s about taking back the undeserved apologies made in the last four years to countries who better thank their respective higher beings that the USA exists in their time. We can change it. Right on, Dylan Nonaka!

  3. Recce:

    A Grease is right on!

  4. Goober:

    RNC was full of cry babies who said things they would do if romney was elected.
    “Look at what President Obama did” Americans that pledge to the color of green and to The Republican Party for which we stand. Their “rats”. “I am the 1%”. The few, the proud and the chumps

    WHAT DID YOU DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY, NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY DID FOR YOU? I see republican people making a list of what they are going to do. Seems that many are making their “Bucket List”. Do they know something the rest of us don’t?

    America is divided into two classes. 1% and 99%. There is no middle class.

  5. KekoaBradshaw:

    Good for Dylan Nonaka. I had to laugh, though—Mitt Romney never served our country during the Vietnam Era. He got deferments because he was a Mormon missionary. None of his five healthy, strapping sons thought to serve our country in the military since Sept. 11, 2011. People like Nonaka make the sacrifice while people like the Romneys (and the Bill Clintons, Dick Cheneys, and all that ilk) don’t feel they need to. What a bunch of hyprocrites.

  6. Kolea:

    BJ, Thanks for providing an account of how Hawaii’s delegates voted.

    But for clarification, are you saying the entire Hawaii delegation, including the Ron Paul and Santorum delegates, voted in FAVOR of the rule change?

    I find that stunning, if true. Well, not of the Santorum supporters, from whom I do not expect much courage. But from the Paul supporters, from whom I have high expectations on matters of principle. If they capitulated on this, they will have a hard time coming home to a warm reception.

  7. Chicken Grease:


    August 30th, 2012 at 11:17 am

    A Grease is right on!

    A Reece is right on, too. Really enjoy your posts as well.

    Hope if Obama/Biden-my-time is voted out, we start seeing a demise of this radical/socialist-1960s-refuses-to-get-the-heck-out the same way its family member Political Correctness’s (PC’s) looks very much like that geri-curled, wide-eyed team member bloodied and bruised, running for his life to alert the others at the beginning of Congo (the movie version, to be precise).

    Man. Paul Ryan’s acceptance speech. A Grease really cringes at the mere mention of acceptance speeches, but, Ryan’s masterpiece was devastating to the other side. A Republican’s niche’d “I Have a Dream” speech, indeed. I feel so sorry for a Biden-my-time when it comes time for debate.

    Gonna be immensely difficult (read: how-do-you-counter-an-onslaught-of-the-combined-strength-of-a-Hulk-Thor-and-Superman) for the Obama camp to deny/’splain their take down of hundreds of millions from Medicare to help (and only help a little at that) pay for Obamacare. Checkmate big time.

    This is good times on Political Radar. Much ‘pinion ’til (and past) November ;).

    Let’s get this done — Republican VP nominee Paul Ryan, 08/29/2012, Republican National Convention.

  8. Dan Douglass:

    Kolea: The two Hawaii delegates who were on the rules committee supported the change. Ms. Skaff was one of the two. The rule 16 recommendation by the committee passed on the floor by a voice vote. The motion to roll call was ignored even though the voice vote was evenly split or that the nays were louder by numerous accounts. Many non-Paul delegates from significant states joined in opposition to this rule change.

  9. Kelii:

    @KekoaBradshaw – Fair point. But I noticed you left Obama off your list of people who did not serve. Was that on purpose?

  10. Auto De Fe:

    Barack Obama never served our country during Any Era

  11. Chicken Grease:

    Indeed, if a Grease can 2nd Kelii’s and Aito De Fe’s respective rebuttals and add on:

    August 30th, 2012 at 12:20 pm

    I had to laugh, though—Mitt Romney never served our country during the Vietnam Era. He got deferments because he was a Mormon missionary. None of his five healthy, strapping sons thought to serve our country in the military since Sept. 11, 2011.

    Uh-huh, riiiiiight. Because no long time Democrat pile-of-ticians ever got a deferment during the Vietnam era, too (wasn’t Biden-my’ one of ‘em? Yeah, 5 of ‘em before they told ‘em, “OK, you’re healthy to serve”). And their own Ds’ own sons managed to enlist in the services in this era of volunteerism. Riiiiiiight. Back at (D)’em.

    Let’s be fair, now.

  12. Goober:

    Watching the RNC is like republicans trying to pin the tail on a donkey but they keep poking themselves in their own behind trying to scratch that elephant itch. romney cannot keep his promises that he makes IF elected. Not in one year or not in four. If romney does get in by a hare, he has twelve years of cleaning up to do since eight were done by a republican and four by a democrat. Talk is cheap, romney is not that young and may have to make again, I say, a “bucket list” before he dies.

    Stopping immigrants from coming in to America, yet jobs go “offshore”.

    If romney dies and goes to Heaven, How would I know? He will for sure be deep fried, Southern Style. KFC.

    Maybe if they did serve our country they would Veterans of War or not here at all. Some people were made to serve and some people get served.

  13. Chicken Grease:

    August 30th, 2012 at 9:14 pm

    . . . Some people were made to serve and some people get served.

    Ha ahaa haahahah. You got served! [!].

    Are you BEING served?[!].

    U.S. Secret Service!!!!![!].


  14. Goober:

    KFC got lousy service…

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