Rally time

May 22nd, 2012

U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono will briefly address the state Democratic convention on Sunday morning, not long after U.S. Sen. Daniel Akaka, the man she wants to succeed in the Senate, speaks to the faithful.

Hirono is taking the party’s offer to buy rally time — at $500 per minute for eight minutes.

Former congressman Ed Case, Hirono’s rival in the Democratic primary for Senate, has chosen not to purchase rally time so he will not be speaking at the convention.

The party is selling the rally time to candidates to help finance the event, according to Chuck Freedman, a party spokesman.

Party leaders have set aside time for delegates to have a meet and greet with the candidates at a cocktail reception on Saturday evening.

Democrats had suggested a forum between Hirono and Case at the convention, but the Hirono campaign did not include it on her debate schedule.

Case said Democrats deserve a debate. “No, we’re not buying rally time,” he said in a text message, “and this is just another example of Mazie hiding behind her money and refusing to act like a U.S. senator.”

7 Responses to “Rally time”

  1. Recce:

    Let’s see, 8 minutes. After Lazy Mazie lists all her accomplishments as a U.S. Representative, I wonder what she’ll talk about for the remaining 7 minutes and 59 seconds?

  2. galekaminari:

    Case never ceases to amaze me! How does he so consistently sound like a spoiled bratty person? I guess he just sounds like what he is…

  3. Ed Hirono:

    Buy rally time? Boy the party is really broke aren’t they?

  4. Goober:

    Why do other countries hate Americans? I am an American but I don’t look like one.

  5. hilohanakahi:

    Lazy Mazie has 0 confidence in herself to debate Ed Case as a candidate; therefore, I have 0 confidence in her trying to debate for Hawaii on the Senate floor. They will gut her for the lazy donkey that she is. If she has nothing to hide, step up and fight for your people!!

  6. Fact Checker:

    Case is afraid to be booed off the stage.

  7. Goober:

    Japanese don’t like to “interject” or debate, but Hirono can use pen and sword if needed. Action or reaction speaks louder than words. Someone who can speak well like lingle but only talks minus the walk.

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