August 12th, 2010

Michael Howden, who works in acupuncture and lives in Kula, today asked the state Office of Elections for a declaratory ruling on whether former state Sen. Robert Bunda’s nomination papers for lieutenant governor are invalid.

Bunda notified the Senate president and the Senate clerk of his intent to resign on July 14 and submitted his resignation to the Office of Elections on July 16. Bunda filed for lieutenant governor on July 19, the day before the filing deadline.

But Bunda only notified the Senate in writing of his intent to resign — not his actual resignation — which has raised questions in the liberal blogosphere.

Howden, who unsuccessfully ran for Maui County Council two years ago, said he was told about the potential problem with Bunda’s resignation from a political associate whom he would not identify.

Howden said he was surprised that Bunda, a former Senate president, would not formally resign in writing before running for another office.

Richard Rapoza, a spokesman for Senate Democrats, said the Senate clerk has treated Bunda’s actions as a resignation.

“There’s more to resigning than just sending in a letter,” he said.

For example, he said, Bunda signed to cancel his health insurance. He filed retirement forms. He canceled his parking at the state Capitol. He returned his Capitol key cards and keys.

The Senate clerk, he said, informed the state Department of Accounting and General Services. Bunda received his last paycheck — for July 16 only — on Aug. 5.

His Senate staff has been transferred under the supervision of the Senate clerk and only handles constituent service for Senate District 22, which covers Wahiawa and the North Shore.

4 Responses to “Retiring”

  1. Michael:

    Seeing is believing.
    Believing only half of what I hear.

  2. Yoshi1940:

    I was glad that Richard Rapoza was able to clear up the matter. Challenging Former Sen. Bunda’s candidacy in this way due to a semantic matter is not nice. No, I am not a Bunda supporter, but I support his right to run, especially after he terminated being a Senator. The challenge seems rather mean-spirited. If the challenge is tied to another’s candidacy, then word will get around in this small state. Ever hear of Bachi?

    Sen. Bunda served our State and his district well and honorably. I remember his tenure as Senate President as a very good time for the Senate. I also remember one day during Session when Sen. Bunda rushed to the aid of a stray toddler who happened to fall in front of his office. Before anyone else could react, Bobby Bunda had scooped up the bleeding child and rushed her into his office to give her first aid. I remember that he got covered in blood in his nice clothes, but was focused on the child, so was surprised when someone pointed out the blood after the crisis. You may not like Bobby Bunda’s politics, but he is a good man, and he did not deserve to have this challenge filed against him.

  3. myviewtoo:

    I think actions speak louder than words.

  4. Michael:

    In some cases, they are those who should keep quiet.

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