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August 31st, 2010

Former U.S. Rep. Neil Abercrombie acknowledged today that he misspoke at Monday night’s debate in the Democratic primary for governor when he referred to the nonpartisan Congress.org as a “Republican-front organization.”

Former Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann, his opponent, has cited power rankings by Congress.org to question Abercrombie’s effectiveness in the U.S. House.

Ryan Teague Beckwith, of Congress.org, responded with this blog post:

For the record, Congress.org is not —and has never been — a “Republican front organization.” We are a news and information site run by the CQ-Roll Call Group, which also publishes CQ Today and Roll Call. Like those publications, we strive to be neutral and objective.

The rankings were done by Knowlegis, a D.C. area firm that specializes in gathering information about Congress for advocacy groups. Their team looked at bill sponsorship, earmarks and leadership positions as well as more nebulous factors such as “indirect influence” to determine lawmakers’ effectiveness.

After Knowlegis was purchased by the company now known as CQ-Roll Call in late 2008, Congress.org underwent a redesign and the rankings were removed from the site.

11 Responses to “Right side of my mind”

  1. myviewtoo:

    So, it is true that abercrombie was dead last in effectiveness in the house. He has a penchant to talk big but does not deliver. That is why I am voting for mufi. While mufi is not perfect, he can get the job done. In his 6 years or so as mayor, he did more for the city than any other mayor since fasi. He was able to get rail through the city council, he settled the sewage problem with the EPA, he repaired more roads that harris did in his 10 years. I want action not idle talk.

  2. Jordan:

    It’s funny that Neil accuses Mufi of always blaming someone else, but turns around and blames his poor ranking on a “Republican front organization” rather than taking it on himself.

    If he couldn’t be effective as a congressman, how can he hope to be effective as governor?

  3. Frontin:

    Abercrombie: Leadership you can’t trust.

  4. HaleiwaJoe:

    Too funny! After weeks of listening to Neil whine about Mufi’s mailer, we discover that facts about his poor performance in Congress are actually correct! Now I have to go back and look at that piece again.

  5. heyitsc:

    Just the facts. That is how all voters should make an informed decision. When someone quotes the facts, based on valid performance markers such as bill sponsorship and leadership positions held, it appears Abercrombie makes excuses for his poor report card. Next he will say the dog ate the rest of the bills he meant to sponsor!!!!

  6. LiarLiarPantsonFire:

    Abercrombie just flat-out lied about it and hoped he’d get away with it. He’s a hypocrite through and through…Much of his campaign has been predicated on lies and half-truths. Not the kind of leader I was looking for…

  7. waialuahaole:

    What exactly were the rankings that Neil garnered from that nonpartisan organization?

  8. Wanda:

    Abercrombie quoted his record in Washington when he and Mufi debated recently. Not impressive at all. He should go hide his face. Further, Abercrombie should have known how bulk mail is mailed, much much later. duh!
    And I am dead set against the Rail. It is going to affect alot of people who will lose their businesses and houses just for a handful of people.
    So Mufi, Abercrombie, and the other guy is out which leaves me great room for Duke to vote for. I wouldn’t rule Duke out like he wouldn’t know how to run a State. Watch out for them quite ones as they say. Much much more effective.

  9. Disappointed with dishonesty Abercrombie:

    Neil Abercrombie lied with a straight face to the people of Hawaii. Again, he tried to say anything for votes, but do nothing. Lie, lie, lie to win, win, win and then as a governor do what he wants for 4 years. Sorry, but Hawaii deserves better than just another dishonest, say anything politician like Neil Aberrombie. Abercrombie does not have integrity or honesty, he will to Hawaii with a straight face then have somebody else apologize for him.

    Abercrombie blamed the Republicans for his 16/100 job performance, not even a 50/100 rating, in the U.S congress. Wow this guy is unbelievable, do not vote for a liar, say anything politician, do nothing like Neil Abercrombie. Lie, lie, lie to win, win, win then do nothing thats how you get a 16/100 job performance rating.

  10. What a guy?:

    May the best, honest person win this upcoming September election to help us all out.
    Very, very disappointed with Neil Abercrombie right now.

  11. Hardtobelieve:

    Rail won’t make people lose businesses and houses…Not sure where that’s coming from. More businesses and houses have gone away thanks to GOP policy even before there’s a shovel in the dirt for rail..Yeah, I’d watch out for Duke…

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