Right track, wrong track?

March 31st, 2011

Gov. Neil Abercrombie, in an interview on Wednesday, was asked whether he felt he was on the right track or the wrong track with the state Legislature on the budget in his first session as governor.

I feel very comfortable on this track.

I don’t know if it’s the right track or the wrong track, but it’s a good track to be on. My relationships with the legislators are uniformly excellent and friendly.

We’re not pals and buddies, it isn’t that so much. But I meant we’re dealing with each other the way we should.

In the end here, this isn’t about us. I’m only sitting in this chair because people let me, not because I own it or I’m entitled to it. And I think most legislators recognize that as well. You’ve got to keep earning your seat.

So I feel we’re on the right track. I think we’re taking the right approach. I think that’s very, very important in tough fiscal times like that because people have to conclude that they’re being treated fairly.

Maybe tough. Maybe being treated tough. Maybe, `Oooh, this is a little tough, I’ve got to bite my lip here.’ But they figure that, hey, everybody else is too, and we got treated in a fair and equitable way.

3 Responses to “Right track, wrong track?”

  1. waialuahaole:

    “I feel very comfortable on this track…I don’t know if it’s the right track or the wrong track, … So I feel we’re on the right track.” You can’t make this stuff up.

  2. puuloke:

    Gee, Guv. I went back to your New Day in Hawaii book. You had all the answers, all the solutions – we just had to trust you to know how. Searched front to back, but I couldn’t find where you said, the solution to everything, is to screw everybody…..but equally and fairly. You must have had some good buds when you wrote that book!!!!

  3. Walking Vaughn:

    Residuals — “an internal aftereffect of experience or activity that influences later behavior”

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