SB 1

February 1st, 2013

State Sen. Malama Solomon told colleagues on Friday that the Senate Water and Land Committee would not be hearing a bill that would repeal the Public Land Development Corp. and would instead wait to see what the House sends over.

The House Water and Land Committee has scheduled a hearing on PLDC-related bills on Feb. 9.

Sen. Clayton Hee, who introduced the PLDC repeal bill — Senate Bill 1 — cautioned senators about the risk of waiting for a House action that may not transpire. In that event, senators may have to “gut and replace” legislation so a repeal could be heard in time to satisfy internal procedural deadlines.

“This is an issue that simply won’t go away,” Hee said.

Sen. Laura Thielen, who favors the repeal of the PLDC, also said she was disappointed that the Senate was deferring to the House.

Solomon, who has supported the PLDC as a potential source of new revenue for the state, said she had “gotten the message loud and clear” from her colleagues and would find a way to bring a repeal discussion to the Senate this session.

“If that’s the desire of this body, so be it,” she said.

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