Signing ceremony

February 23rd, 2011

To an appreciative crowd that gave him a standing ovation and cries of, “Thank you, Neil!” Gov. Neil Abercrombie signed into law Senate Bill 232, legalizing civil unions in Hawaii.

Video of the ceremony (watch for the moment when he describes Sen. Clayton Hee as a “special friend” and the latter plants a kiss squarely on the governor’s head) …

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  1. B.J. Reyes:

    The Clayton Hee moment comes at the 7:31 mark (and sorry, my finger gets in the way of the lens almost as soon as it happens).

  2. ohiaforest3400:

    OMG, civil unions in Hawaii have been legalized!!! When does the sky fall, Chicken Little? Oh, you don’t know? Go ask Mike Gabbard and his phobes, maybe they’ll know. It’s the end of the world as we know it, I tell you, the end of the world!

  3. Chicken Grease:

    OMG, civil unions in Hawaii have been legalized!!! When does the sky fall, Chicken Little?

    No, not really. Those of our ilk who stand (not stood) against this, we’re not like, say, the crybabies who threatened to abandon the country if Obama didn’t get elected, for ‘zample. You know, civil union “domestics” will make for some nice news fodder come January.

    And above all, the Catholic Church will never allow ceremony for these matchups. Checkmate.

    D’is t’ing couldn’t have passed without legislation going against the will of those who strongly voted against this (why even LEAVE it to a vote if this is what was going to be schemed. Don’t give me this “it was part of the process). So, from the song, again, In Christ Alone:

    . . . no scheme of man
    Can ever pluck me from [God's] hand

    Amen. Youse who gonna partake of civil unions; go live with yourselves.

  4. Walking Vaughn:

    Just another brick in the wall.

  5. Michael:

    AMOD. Yet to be repealed and not supported by Obama administration.

  6. Old Diver:

    “It’s the end of the world as we know it, I tell you, the end of the world!”

    When the slaves were freed, when women were allowed to vote, when blacks were allowed to sit at white only counters in restaurants and allowed to attend formally white only schools, conservatives said the same thing. And of course conservatives will again reply this time it’s different and that these are special rights afforded only one group. And that group is called human beings.

  7. the avenger:

    wow, nothing like having a state governor and lawmakers who willingly shove
    this filth on 70% of the voters who dont approve of it. since phobia means” a fear of”
    nobody is scared of the ho mo s normal decent people just think its disgusting.

  8. Kolea:

    I know a lot of the opponents of civil unions live in a fact-free environment. So why do I bother?

    But this incessant mantra that a majority of Hawaii’s people oppose civil unions is so tiresome. And by now, only people who are willfully dishonest are repeating it.

    Other than anecdotal stories about people “in line at the grocery store checkout,” the only “factual” basis for these claims comes from two sources. The first is the vote on the constitutional amendment to empower the Lege to restrict “marriage” to “a man and a woman.”

    The second is a poll conducted about 2 years ago on behalf of the Hawaii Family Forum.

    Even if we take the 1998 vote to be a referendum on same sex marriage (it was not, technically, but it WAS in the mind of most voters), that was for FULL Same Sex “MARRIAGE.” NOT “civil unions.” And the population has changed significantly since then.

    Honest people on both sides of the issue will admit that attitudes on gay equality correlate closely with age. The older a voter is, the more resistant they are to gay equality. Younger people are MUCH more accepting of COMPLETE marriage equality. This is supported by polls all across the country, regardless of which side commissions them.

    Conservatives might lament the fact young people have “bought into the Gay Agenda,” but they cannot deny the generational difference in attitudes.

    Here we are, over 12 years later. The oldest voters from 1998 have died off. People who were six years old at the time, who grew up watching Ernie and Bert on Sesame Street, the gay teletubbie with a purse, the likeable gay characters on Will & Grace, the KIDS from that period have now become voters and have replaced the elderly who have died off.

    So how can anyone with even the slightest respect for their own integrity claim a vote 12 years ago is a good indicator of how voters feel today? It is absurd. It is delusional. It is willfully dishonest.

    I can understand they might respond by suggesting they think they would still win another such vote. But that is different from claiming the 1998 vote is a good indicator of current opinion.

    The Hawaii Family Forum poll is even more disturbing because it is very recent and people have no excuse for “mis-remembering” what it said. As part of its lobbying strategy, HFF commissioned a poll to provide themselves with knowledge of voters attitudes towards civil unions legislation. One of the questions they asked was if people believed “marriage” should be restricted to a man and a woman. About 70% answered “yes.” HFF released THAT statistic and built their PR campaign around that “fact.”

    As someone with SOME knowledge of how lobbying and PR work, I will assert without fear of any CREDIBLE challenge, that HFF’s pollsters also asked people for their attitudes on “Civil Unions” and HFF has suppressed that data because it was not convenient to their lobbying effort. You can be confident if HFF had data supporting its claim that a majority opposed civil unions, they would have released the data. You can also have confidence that the polling company, while working with their client, HFF, in constructing the poll, would have advised them to ask directly about CUs. If the pollsters did not, it would have constituted professional malpractice.

    Equality Hawaii commissioned its own poll a short time before the HFF poll. When they asked about support for full same sex marriage equality, they got a result very close to the HFF poll. Which serves to validate the accuracy of the HFF polling methodology, as well as confirm the accuracy of the EH poll. When the Equality Hawaii poll asked about support for civil unions, defined as granting all the rights and responsibilities to same sex couples but withholding the term “marriage,” about 2/3rds of Hawaii’s voters said “yes.”

    As a result, the Equality Hawaii, with its accuracy CONFIRMED by the HFF polling data (ironically enough) is the best evidence we have on Hawaii voter attitudes on civil unions.

    The rallies at the Capitol when people were bussed in by the churches after Sunday services demonstrates there are thousands of people passionately opposed to gay equality. That cannot be denied. But people who live in that sub-culture cacnnot logically assume that their views represent majority opinion. They relied upon that expectation when they went around the Capitol last year threatening to defeat legislators who supported civil unions. But when the voters had a chance to test their political strength, the voters rejected their candidates. It can safely be said that not one legislator was defeated because of their support for civil unions.

    So this OUTRAGE that the Legislature would pass such a bill, and that Neil would sign it, contrary to the will of a majority of Hawaii’s people is based upon a delusion. A delusion that can only persist through willful self-deception, dishonesty.

    (I apologize for going on so long. I thought it was necessary to completely expose this “talking point,” step by step.)

  9. ohiaforest3400:

    No, “avenger,” a phobia is defined as “an anxiety disorder characterized by extreme and irrational fear.” History will bear out that the fear of civil unions — and, ultimately, full marriage equality — is a phobia, just as people in the Middle Ages who believed that the earth is flat had a phobia about those who know that it is, in fact, round. Or, more to the point, “normal decent people” also used to think that marriage between the races is “disgusting” and, well, we know what happened to that.

  10. charles:

    In the not too distant future, I think most will think What was all the fuss about?

  11. Chicken Grease:

    Kolea: February 24th, 2011 at 12:48 pm

    So this OUTRAGE that the Legislature would pass such a bill, and that Neil would sign it, contrary to the will of a majority of Hawaii’s people is based upon a delusion. A delusion that can only persist through willful self-deception, dishonesty.

    Mmph. Disagree. The failure of multiculturalism and postmodernist junk fails right where it should succeed — in the age of the Internet, apps, and overall technological information. What kicks major da kind? FOX news shows, almost all of which address wholesome, conservative views. And what can the aged theorist only do against such popularity? Oh, they’re limited to making fun of it.

    Make no mistake. Man and wife 20-, 30-, 40-somethings with their new families have no desire for their kids to come home with the wrong person. Look at all the recent conservative victories in political office in the very same places where civil unions and like laws are passed. Look at the quick (and lasting) rise of the Tea Party.

    The majority of the world is heterosexual. That is the instinct of the majority on this planet. Our views aren’t dishonest. We are the majority. Deal with it.

  12. charles:

    The lasting rise of the Tea Party? You mean like the Moral Majority?

    “We are the majority. Deal with it.”

    So the majority is always right, eh?

    Hmmm . . . history begs to differ.

  13. Kolea:

    “FOX news shows, almost all of which address wholesome, conservative views.”

    Kinder, Küche, Kirche!

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