September 30th, 2011

U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa, completing a campaign promise, has sold her Ko Olina home outside of her urban Honolulu 1st Congressional District.

Hanabusa’s residency became a political issue during her successful campaign last year. Even though federal law does not require members of Congress to live in the districts they represent, only the states, Hanabusa said she would find a home inside her district if elected.

The congresswoman rented a Kakaako apartment earlier this year. She and her husband, former state sheriff John Souza, are looking at buying a home in Nuuanu.

From her campaign:

While current State Reapportionment Commission proposals would place Ko Olina in the First Congressional District, Hanabusa felt it was important to make the move anyway. “I made a commitment to move,” Hanabusa said, “and I think some people would question whether having the district come to me, so to speak, would be the same thing. It’s important to me that I fully live up to my promises.”

2 Responses to “Sold”

  1. Kolea:

    Once Rep. Hanabusa was elected to Congress, she had strong incentives to move closer to downtown. Hawaii’s congressional delegation have a hard enough time coming back to their district to hobknob with constituents and to hear from the leaders of the Hawaii’s industries. Having a downtown (or near downtown) home base just makes senses.

    OTOH, the last couple of years have seen the collapse of real estate values on the Ewa coastal plain, making it difficult to sell her home. Of course, those who have harped on the issue might prefer Hanabusa to take a loss on the sale of her home. But, like most of us, she could not just sell the home with no regard for market conditions.

    Now Hanabusa-haters will have to find some other thing to fixate upon.

  2. Goober:

    OTOH it should not matter where one lives or is born. Politicians should live in Hawaii for so many years before they can run for an Office in Hawaii. I think if one runs for office in any State, they should be born and raised in that State. Otherwise be a birther. Doesn’t make sense like telling President Obama is not an American Citizen but born to an American mother even if rumored to have been born outside of America and feet wet. Rumored on his Being a Natural Born American. Natural American means being a Native American Indian or Native Hawaiian to Hawaii. Those who were there first makes a Natural Born Citizen.
    Now Obama-haters will have to find some other thing to fixate upon. Who cares? If the person is good for the job, they get my vote.

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