Solid lead

June 29th, 2010

Having been newly sworn in as Senate president pro tempore, U.S. Sen. Dan Inouye can probably remain comfortable in his Washington, D.C., digs for at least another six years, according to a new independent poll released today.

Inouye, who has served in the Senate since 1963, has a comfortable lead over his nearest challenger in a poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in the Aloha State finds Inouye, a member of the Senate since 1963, with 68% support. Conservative activist John Roco has 20% of the vote. Three percent (3%) prefer some other candidate in the race, and eight percent (8%) are undecided.

To date, Roco is among six who have pulled papers to challenge Inouye, the second-longest serving senator in U.S. history.

The Rasmussen methodology:

This survey of 500 Likely Voters in Hawaii was conducted on June 24, 2010 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/-4.5 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

3 Responses to “Solid lead”

  1. ohiaforest3400:

    Hmmmm, try stack ‘um up against Lingle or Mufi. I bet he does even better than he does against John Roco.

  2. OutsideObserver:

    I received the robocall from Rasmussen & there were a lot more questions, including several asking voter preferences among Neil, Mufi & Duke in different scenarios. These additional questions don’t appear on Rasmussen’s website.

  3. He Sez They say:

    BJR sez:

    “To date, Roco is among six who have pulled papers to challenge Inouye, the second-longest serving senator in U.S. history.”

    But the very first line in Rasmussen’s report sez:

    “Democratic Senator Daniel Inouye looks like one incumbent without much to worry about this year. He holds a better than three-to-one lead over his only announced Republican opponent in Hawaii’s race for the U.S. Senate.”

    In fact there are three announced Republicans as shown by the Hawaii Election Commisison report on who has pulled papers. And John Roco–a total unknown–is not the favorite in the GOP Primary. The favorite would be former State Rep. Cam Cavasso who is actually running a campaign. Just compare their two websites:

    So the Star-Advertiser and Rasmussen have run an entire Senate poll based on a falsehood. Amazing–but not surprising.

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