Sonny the Solar Panel

January 9th, 2013

The Sierra Club Hawaii chapter, which has sued to block the Abercrombie administration’s attempt to rein in a solar tax credit, has sponsored a new radio advertisement critical of the administration.

The spot features Sonny the Solar Panel stuck in an unemployment line.

Robert Harris, the director of the Sierra Club, explained the reason for the ad campaign in a statement.

The Abercrombie Administration is wrongly slamming the brakes on one of the few success stories in achieving Hawaii’s clean energy goals. The Department’s new interpretation would slash the average tax credit to homeowners and businesses that install solar energy systems by about half. It also threatens the future of thousands of solar energy workers in one of Hawaii’s strongest growth sectors.

The Sierra Club is open to legislative changes to our tax policy — everyone wants a smart, well-crafted law that watches the bottom line while still providing enough of an incentive to encourage residents to transition to clean energy — but believes the Governor’s blatant crossing of the line between the executive and legislative branches is misguided. In a democracy, laws are supposed to be made by the legislature in an open and transparent way. The Governor attempted and failed to pass a law reducing the solar tax credit last year. The Governor does not have the authority to executively change the state’s tax policy in a behind-closed doors manner simply because the legislature did not give him what he wanted.

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  1. Chicken Grease:

    Governor’s office can counter with their own animated Goo-Gov’, (just a name a Grease pulled out; alliteration and all) The Politician Who Thinks Common Sense Makes TOO MUCH sense. Make it in the Asian-style anime.

  2. myviewtoo:

    Generally in tax law, the legislature will pass a law but all the minute details and intent of the law is not part of the wording of the law. Hence, it is up to the tax department to provide the detailed guidance in implementing the law following the intent of the law. It was under the lingle administration that provided the liberal interpertation of the law, which was not correct. yet, taxpayers and the Sierra club did not challenge the “regulations”. However, under the abercrombie administration, the tax department reviewed the legislation and determined that the intent of the PV system credits were to be similar to the federal PV system credits, except that it was limited to $5,000 per system. Then, the dealers in PV systems, attempted to play games with the word “system” and devised a plan to allow multiple systems be installed as part of a PV system for a homeowner, which essentially side-stepped the intent of the law and allowed homeowners to claim multple state tax credits of the $5000 limit. This was clearly not the intent of the law, and the abercrombie administration attempted to clarify the law and make the guidelines more in concert with the law’s intent. so the sierra club is really stupid in trying to fight the state dept. of tax. it is believed the legislature will take up this issue and pass legislation that will comport with the intent of the law and not have PV dealers to game the system.

  3. Goober:

    Asian-style anime. More like the Flip stick dance.
    There is no anime in Pilipines. Long Live Marcos.

  4. uhu:

    lol, long live marcos

  5. Chicken Grease:

    “Correction:” [Marcos, uh, him dead. FYI. Long a'ready.]]

  6. Goober:

    “Correction:” [Marcos, uh, him dead. FYI. Long a'ready.]]”

    All of them?

    Correction: You porgot Philippines. Not so bright huh, manok.

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