Staying put

September 30th, 2010

State Rep. Kymberly Pine (R-Ewa Beach, Iroquois Point, Puuloa), said today that she does not plan to run for the Honolulu City Council seat being vacated by council chairman Todd Apo in November.

Pine had earlier expressed some interest in the seat when Apo’s term expires in 2012. She said she is concentrating on her re-election campaign to the state House, where she faces Jason Bradshaw, the political director of the AFL-CIO.

“I’m not going to run for the City Council in the special election,” Pine said.

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  1. Eric Ryan:

    Instead of moving back to Kailua after the 2010 election, Pine’s opponent Jason Bradshaw can update his signs to read “…for City Council.” Once elected, he can push for a change to the City Charter which lets the HGEA and AFL-CIO actually become City government and they can appoint their favorite son of color (the half-German Muliufi) to return as our leader.

  2. R U Serious?:

    I’ve heard a rumor that our former Mayor may run for this position.

  3. charles:

    Okay, if this is true, why did Pine take down her Facebook page when asked whether or not she would run for the council seat?

    Or why wouldn’t she simply post on her website that she will under no circumstances run for the council seat and that she fully intends, if elected, to serve the full term?

    Oh, and Eric, I’m still waiting for you to post the votes that Bradshaw got in the 2008 election.

  4. Yoshi1940:

    RU Serious, that rumor IS going around! Is it just being spread by people who hope that they can have Mufi at any level? Do you think that he can get elected? He would have to move into the district, because isn’t he in Aiea and the opening is for the Waianae Coast spot? Isn’t William Aila, the former Democratic Gubernatorial candidate, from the Waianae Coast? I would think that not only would seeking the Council seat be unbearable for Mufi, it would be risky.

  5. Eric Ryan:

    It sure seems like Charles is the anonymous mouthpiece for the Bradshaw campaign, as well as a seeming online stalker of Ms. Pine.

    Now, Charles, why would you wait for a posting about how many votes Bradshaw never received? His candidacy in Kailua in 2008 was a BUST ( so he dropped out of the race, just like his service on the Neighborhood Board ( was a BUST ( because he never showed up and had to be replaced. His candidacy in 2008 to replace Tommy Waters is well-established ( Your lack of appreciation for Bradshaw’s failed candidacy is, likewise, becoming very well established, much like everyone’s appreciation for Bradshaw’s soon-to-fail attempt to leave behind his recent failed Windward candidacy and go down in flames with his Leeward candidacy.

  6. ohiaforest3400:

    So, I guess the choice in the district is between a Complete Loser and a Total Airhead. Wow, lucky I no live there.

  7. charles:

    Okay, “Ryan,” it seems you can’t post how many votes Bradshaw got since now you admit he never ran.

    Whew, that took a while but at least you finally fessed up that you made it up.

  8. Eric Ryan:

    Wow Charles, I hope Bradshaw and the AFL-CIO are paying you for such buffoonery. The Honolulu Advertiser and the Honolulu Weekly both reported that Bradshaw was an active candidate for State House in 2008. There’s nothing to admit, since you stand ALONE in making the bogus assertion that Bradshaw was not a candidate in 2008. Only you ALONE demand that Bradshaw could only have been a candidate if someone voted for him. And only you ALONE are unable to hear the laughter as your bogus definition. So, was Donovan Dela Cruz NEVER a candidate for mayor in 2010 because he dropped out of that race after several months of running? He never received a single vote, yet he sure printed a lot of signs, banners, brochures, postcards, etc. There are dozens of other examples, Quentin Kawananakoa’s congressional candidacy comes to mind. How many votes did he get? NONE, but he was still a candidate. Likewise, Jason “the dropout” Bradshaw was RUNNING for office on the Windward side in 2008. Since you are obviously his buddy and his mouthpiece, have him show you his brochures and logo from 2008 if he hasn’t already. And now Jason “the union hack” Bradshaw (a.k.a. Jason “let’s raise the G.E.T” Bradshaw) is running as Jason “the carpetbagger” Bradshaw. So, Charles, it’s time for YOU to fess up that your sad attempt to redefine Bradshaw’s 2008 candidacy has FAILED, utterly failed.

  9. hipoli:

    I missed something. What is this big stupid beef over Jason Bradshaw, please? Its pretty clear to me the man only pulled papers to run & never actually filed. You arent a candidate until you actually file, Eric. I have no idea why you keep citing news articles which dont prove your point.

    Youre messing with the wrong Sir Charles, Eric. Do yourself a favor – and accept that hes smarter and knows more than you about just about everything. Trust me, its just easier that way.

  10. Eric Ryan:

    You DID miss something, Hipoli, and you should have stopped there. No amount of ad hominem can make up for your deficient knowledge of the debate or the subject matter. Go back to earlier postings on this blog and you’ll see that your associate, “charles” (like you, sadly) cannot come to terms with the reality that with Hawaii’s LATE filing deadline for candidates to have their names officially placed on the ballot, a candidate can be running a race for months before ever filing with the Elections Office. With the sorry, twisted and self-interested logic employed by Hipoli and Charles, every candidate who makes an announcement speech (e.g. “I hereby declare myself a candidate for the office of ______”) is a big fat liar, because he/she cannot possibly be a candidate and cannot possibly be running for office and cannot possibly be raising money and cannot possibly be promoting their candidacies because they haven’t turned the form needed to have their name printed on the ballot. Shibai, shibai, shibai. I though Derrick’s blog was a place for honest interchange, not faceless losers with sophomoric arguments and axes to grind.

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