Stepping down

December 13th, 2012

State House Speaker Calvin Say said today he is stepping down as speaker after 14 years in charge after realizing that he did not have the votes to remain in power.

Say said he is recommending Rep. Marcus Oshiro, the chairman of the House Finance Committee, as his replacement. He urged the House’s 44 majority Democrats to choose a leader and not rely on Republicans to organize.

Rep. Joseph Souki, who Say had toppled as speaker 14 years ago, has gathered 30 votes from dissidents and Republicans to remove Say.

Oshiro said he believes he will hold Say’s 21 Democratic votes and will attempt to persuade some in Souki’s coalition to join him.

Say is the longest-serving speaker in House history.

7 Responses to “Stepping down”

  1. myviewtoo:

    in my opinion, oshiro would be a much better speaker than souki. hope the dems see the light and support oshiro instead of souki and to keep repubs from leadership positions; they only make humbug.

  2. kimo:

    I hope someone remembers that Marcus is the son of the late state rep Bob Oshiro who was Mr. Democrat and a party ‘kingmaker’ in his day. There are likely not too many current members of the House who have first hand knowledge of this legacy. It would be fitting for democrats to unite behind Marcus.

  3. Goober:

    Still two cents.
    No more, no less.

    30 votes is like being paid 30 pieces of silver.
    Dissident to the Democratic Party is like
    Tea party to the Republicans. My fore father
    was not Benedict Arnold or Judas.

  4. Kolea:

    I have high personal regard for Marcus Oshiro and had hoped he would have replaced Speaker Say a few years ago. But it is kind of gimmicky to use his father’s status as a major Democratic leader in order rally Democrats against a deal with the Republicans. In 2011, Marcus Oshiro and Isaac Choy, representing Calvin Say, met with Cynthia Thielen and Gene Ward, representing to House Republicans. A deal was negotiated which led to the Republicans pledging to support Say over his rival at the time, Sylvia Luke.

    Even if Calvin Say steps aside–maybe switching places with Marcus and taking over Finance as Marcus becomes Speaker– how much has changed if the Say faction remains in control? The very fact Say could deliver all 21 of his pledged supporters to Marcus shows how frozen and inflexible this group has become.

    The House needs new leadership. If that means Souki serving as titular Speaker with the backing of the younger, more progressive dissidents, so be it. We love Hawaii too much to continue with More of the Same.

  5. NikkiHeat:

    I don’t see Marcus, despite all his charm and charisma, holding on to ALL of the twenty-one in the Calvin Say faction. I would be surprised if more people don’t move over to join the 30 supporting Souki at this point. They should get to work- the House has to work on the Governor’s budget proposals first and Finance has already lost an experienced budget person to a job in the executive branch.

  6. Teddy Freddy:

    I would like to have the words of Kolea entered into the journal as if they were my own. Say has had his day and Marcus too. Both were complicit in the shenanigans and disregard for the public during the past few years. Me suspects that among the 21 are a few good guys who will use this opportunity to depart the Say faction gracefully and exercise their independence.

  7. charles:

    Well, there’s spin and then there’s reality. It would be difficult to hold on to the 21 Dems pledged to Say; after all, the pledge was to Say and not necessarily to anyone else Say deems as a successor.

    Indeed, with Rhoads and Mizuno going over to Souki, that’s a slide of two from Say/Oshiro. The momentum is going the other way. Rumor has it that two more from Say will go over by Monday and that means game over for the current leadership.

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