Still Liu

April 7th, 2012

State Republicans on Saturday chose not to rescind a vote taken in January to elect Ted Liu, the former director of the state Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism, as the Republican National Committeeman.

“Ted Liu is still our national committeeman,” said David Chang, the state GOP chairman.

Several Republicans had protested the January vote, alleging, among other things, that some votes were cast improperly by proxy. Liu had beaten Willes Lee, a former state party chairman, by a single vote.

Chang said the motion on Saturday to rescind the January election was overwhelmingly defeated, which he believes shows that most Republicans thought the initial tally was conducted fairly.

Liu, an ally of former Gov. Linda Lingle, will serve as the national committeeman through the Republican National Convention in Tampa in August.

Republicans will decide at the state convention in May who their national committeeman should be after August, setting up another potential clash between Liu and Lee.

Miriam Hellreich, a veteran Republican fundraiser, is the national committeewoman.

8 Responses to “Still Liu”

  1. Bart Dame:

    I think it is beyond dispute “some votes were cast improperly by proxy.” GOP Hawaii rules require a proxy be cast by someone living in the same district as the absent member, but some proxies were cast by people who lived in different districts.

    The failure of the vote to rescind simply means there are not enough people willing to force the issue, not that the original vote was valid.

    But I guess when we Democrats are hogging all the public attention with our stupid votes, it’s a good time for the Republican leadership take advantage of the situation to cover up their illegal ones. ; )

  2. Marian Grey:

    As one of the challengers to the January election, from what I saw, the Rules were interpreted in a manner to support their position to throw out my challenge. From telling some people that the Party Chair would motion to rescind the election, several weeks ago, got twisted into a new tale of why the faulty election should be accepted. And those that are stepped on should just sing Kumbaya and dance along with them.

  3. Follow the $:

    Rules chair Thomson’s explanation was thorough and legal as you can get. Everyone sat through a 2 hr briefing and additional hour of discussions before the vote to rescind was taken. Marian and the 18 other members should please respect the 40+ members of the state Committee’s who voted to move forward. Ted will have to be relected at next months convention anyway so Willes should work on building the party rather than his campaign to build any credibility.

    The party is ready to expand and overcome the tyranny of absolute power and control of the Elitest Democrat party.

  4. Eric Ryan:

    It’s now completely official and out of the bag. The Hawaii GOP’s priorities have been set, as follows: (1) Lingle, (2) Lingle, (3) Lingle, (4) Djou, maybe, (5) Lingle. If any other candidates expect the party to help them in 2012 — or even to improve the public perception of R’s while degrading the perception of D’s — then the time has come to start self-medicating in advance of November. Help is NOT on the way. All aboard the Lingle party bandwagon. Let’s watch history repeat itself . . . especially the part when local Republicans wonder what the hell happened again and again and again.

  5. Goober:

    A potty is also called a “Lu”.

  6. Bart Dame:

    @Follow the $,

    Maybe you can convince me my understanding is inaccurate by answering a few questions?

    1) Do GOP Hawaii rules allow proxies to be cast by people who do not reside in the district?

    2) Were any proxies cast by people who did not reside in the district represented by the proxy?

    It won’t require a 2 hour presentation to answer those questions, yay or nay.

  7. Goober:

    Why ask? Go google the question and you will get the same answer as any plagiarist.

  8. Marian Grey:

    For BART: Over an hour was spent justifying each and every challenge to decisions allowing proxies from those not in the District. My challenge was handled by adding into a power point presentation how “their interpretation of the Rules” handled the wording of [absent member may be represented by any other member of his or her body, whom he or she designates, in writing, as an alternate.]

    Instead of what has been used through the years, having someone from your own District attend, the new interpretation uses the word “body” to cover anyone on your Island! Their new interpretation won’t even allow someone from your own District unless that person is an officer, precinct chair, etc.

    Because my name and challenge was gone into in great depth, I stood and went to podium, only to be told I had to wait until the end of presentation to speak on “my challenge”. And I was only given 1 minute to respond. My challenge was proxy from District 21 to chair of District 31, which prior to “new rules” (or new interpretation of old rules) would not have been allowed.

    I have filed an appeal to the handling and decision on my challenge, but they will use their current power to dismiss that based on voting last Saturday.

    And for FOLLOW THE $ : Many in the room wanted to get back to their families to honor Easter Weekend, and just wanted out of there. Many had been influenced by one of the candidates offering 1/2 price tickets to an expensive fundraising dinner. Fundraising when you offer tickets for the same cost as the meal??? Yes indeed, please follow the $ !

    And finally to ERIC RYAN: Your email postings over the years have had shock value, hurtful to some, but always had the truth imbedded in what you said, as does this one. We know who is pulling the strings, and for those of us that don’t like what we see, who knows where that will go?

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