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April 7th, 2009

^^ Star-Bulletin photo (2008)

As if the state’s tourism industry wasn’t affected enough already by the global recession, now it has to worry about an economic boycott spawned by conspiracy nuts.

A Web site called was launched over the weekend following a two-day conference convened in Washington, D.C., to discuss ways of compelling the state to publicly release President Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

No, really.

The event was organized by Andy Martin, an attorney who also is writing a book about our 44th president. (The article goes into detail as to why Martin wants the birth certificate released and why he feels his legal challenge will stand up unlike past attempts.)

As to the boycott, organizers ask their supporters to take action against Hawaii tourism, products and businesses.

“The movement will afford every person anywhere in the world a powerful new weapon to punish the state of Hawaii for concealing historical records concerning Mr. Obama,” Martin tells The Bulletin of Philadelphia. “I will be writing to the Punahou School, asking them to obtain permission to release his Punahou records.”

Never mind that virtually every reputable fact-checking site has debunked the speculation that Obama is not a natural born citizen of the United States.


The upside: Perhaps we’ll see a decline in the number of conspiracy fools on our shores.

5 Responses to “Still trying”

  1. alex:

    Where are these fact checking sites? Who controls them? Why is the state keeping public records private?

    I think the idiots who make things like boycott Hawaii stuff are a bit off their cuff but I don’t think you minded all the research done against Bush and his military records when he clammed them shut. Why the slack on Obama? Freedom of the press for everyone, not just liberals with axes to grind.

    Conspiracy fools at least bring thought to the table…as that is good. Its makes sure not all the public is sheep.

  2. Jeff:

    It’s simple, just release the documents. All this secrecy and evasion only fuels the ‘conspiracy’ theories. Obama has said he will not be conducting business as usual and will have a transparent administration but then blocks all efforts to seek the truth.

    It is no secret that he has hired a team of lawyers to challenge the constitutional requirement of being a naturalized citizen or find ways to get around it.

    The Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, states, “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.”

    He has not authorized the educational institutions he has attended to release his records nor has he provided any proof of an actual birth certificate that states where he was born. Rather, he has hired law firms from around the nation to challenge requests.

    How about doing some actual journalistic work and research why Obama has gone to such great lengths to obfuscate and circumvent the truth.

    If he has nothing to hide and truly desires openess and an end to speculation, then he should do the honorable thing and allow the public access to the truth.

  3. Who Cares:

    Who cares where Obama was born.

  4. Jon Carlson:

    All of the Obama photos are fakes and the few documents released are forged. Obama is an illegal alien. Born in an out of wedlock birth whose father was a US Citizen living in Hawaii Frank Marshall Davis the white mother is unknown. In an out of wedlock birth the mother determines citizenship and nationality. Find that woman. Her name would be on the vault birth certificate as well as her nationality.

    Our investigation has determined that Obama is older than he claims and probably was born before Hawaii became a state in 1959 making his unnatural born on that score alone. Why isn’t the starbulletin investigating the facts?

    A birth announcement for obama claimed to have been published in the starbulletin was forged. Why isn’t he starbulletin confirming the forgery? Why aren’t Hawaiian authorities prosecuting Obama for citing a forged birth certificate on the Internet and elsewhere?

    Obama Birth Announcement Forged

  5. Wondering on Lanai:

    Jeff has it right. Release the certified documents and that should settle the questions. It appears that this administration, which promised to be the the most transparent of all, can become quite murky when it suits its purpose. Let’s see his Punahou, Pepperdine and Harvard achievements. He was President of the Law Review at Harvard. What, if anything, did he write during his tenure? Both Bushes, Gore and Kerry all released similar documents…why not Obama?

    As to “Who Cares”, we all should. Hopefully, we are still a nation of laws, and the Chief Executive who swears to “Defend the Constitution” should be the first to abide by them.

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