Truth or dare

August 27th, 2010

The Hawaii State Teachers Association released a letter Thursday challenging former Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann’s claim that he lost the union’s endorsement by one vote.

Hannemann has made the claim at several public forums, often to counter former U.S. Rep. Neil Abercrombie, his opponent in the Democratic primary for governor, when Abercrombie talks about his support among teachers.

Wil Okabe, the president of the teachers union, said Hannemann’s claim is not true. He said the union’s government relations committee overwhelmingly recommended Abercrombie. He said, during the final phase of deliberations, the union’s board of directors “cast a strong vote” for the former congressman.

From Okabe:

The stakes in this year’s gubernatorial race are very high. Election of our next generation of decision makers will impact our future and the future of the children we teach for years to come. That’s why we are asking every member to have a say in the future of education in Hawaii. Please vote!

HSTA letter

10 Responses to “Truth or dare”

  1. Nikki Heat:

    I guess the point is the tall guy has told a big fib regularly on television and public fora about the vote on the endorsement– as I hear it, the decision in HSTA political action committee was whether to endorse Neil or consider remaining open for the Primary (NOT whether to choose between endorsing Neil or Mufi).
    But Auwe for HSTA for not correcting the record until after absentee mail ballots were received by a lot of early voters.
    Now that HSTA has gone public, can we expect Mufi to denounce HSTA (or its “union bosses”) as caring more about power than the kids and touting his and Dukie Aiona’s proposal for a comprehensive audit of the DOE?
    Really, is the teachers’ union endorsement gonna make a difference this year– while the community respects teachers, the normal Joe and Jane the public school parents must have a jaundiced view of the bargaining unit representatives who agreed to Furlough Fridays (I don’t think folks think about the alternative of laid-off teachers and larger class sizes that would otherwise have been required to meet the Governor’s spending restrictions on the DOE, or the end of certain categorical programs entertained by the State Senate like the Lahainaluna boarding program or the Challenger science curriculum)?
    I think the best thing for HSTA now is to back up its endorsement with boots on the ground to get out the vote for the Primary.

  2. Truth or Dare, K-K-K:

    HSTA is small potatoes, compared to the endorsement of the HGEA (Hawaii’s Government Employers Association). I would rather have the HGEA over the HSTA any day. The education system in education is needs a lot of help, saying anything and doing nothing amounts to Neil Abercrombie, I feel sorry for Hawaii even more. Newsflash …………. below:

    The FBI will reveal the culprits of this political corruption a la Ed Case of balony and Kneel to Abercrony, Neil Abercrombie. The FBI is going to get you for fraudulent forgery mailers to thousands of Hawaii voters. The secrecy, the manipulation, the stealth operations of hatred by the Grand-wizards of Hate will be revealed.

    The FBI investigation will reveal the organized hit, Ku-Kluts-Klansman in Hawaii politics. What you gonna do, when the FBI comes for you, bad boy (Ed Case of balony), bad boy (Neil Abercrombie), what u gonna do, when they bust you. Oh, where’s Ed Case of balony hiding now, lets hear the results of this FBI investigation. The Grand-wizards of Hate reveal their true faces (unhooded). Bearded, bald spots, we shall see.

    What a sad, sad day in Hawaii politics, when the Ku Kluts Klansman manipulate the voting, the voters, the polls and the elections 2010. Stay alert Hawaii, be weary during this election day 2010, the U.S.A President Obama’s home State of Hawaii is now a battle ground of hate a la Ku-Kluts-Klansmen.

    Say anything to get your vote, but do nothing politicians, Neil Abercrombie and Ed Case, birds of a feather, just another sad Linda Lingle story, pitiful and corrupt.

  3. Public Responds:

    Hawaii politics sucks right now with the Ku-Kluts-Klansmen in Hawaii to manipulate the elections in 2010 a la Ed Case and Neil Abercrombie. Say anything politicians to get your votes: Neil Abercrombie, Ed Case, Linda Lingle, all birds of a feather, no aloha for Hawaii’s people, just for the rich and wealthy ……….. you voted Hawaii for Lisa Lingle because she said everything you wanted to hear, now what disaster. Neil Abercrombie is that same candy-aXX, oh I mean candidate, say anything to get votes, then do absolutely NNNNNOOOOOTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGG !!!!!!!!!

  4. YoshiToshi:

    The word going around is that, FAR from losing the HSTA endorsement by one vote, the truth of the matter is that Mufi’s name DID NOT EVEN COME UP FOR VOTE when HSTA was voting on its endorsement for Governor. That would mean that HSTA never even considered endorsing Mufi, and yet he is claiming that he lost the endorsement by 1 vote.

  5. HGEA is better than HSTA:

    The endorsement from the HGEA for former Mayor Mufi Hannemann is far greater and more impressive than the HSTA. I’m sorry but that is the truth. HGEA bigger, faster, better.

  6. OldDiver:

    I don’t believe union endoesments mean much any more. The real story is Mufi’s lying about the vote. This is not the sign of a confident campaign.

  7. charles:

    I’m getting vertigo from all the spin.

  8. Bob W.:

    Everyone knows that the party bosses of the HGEA were the ones who picked Mufi without the support of it’s members. Neil wouldn’t play ball, but Mufi was willing to pander to the party bosses and that’s how he got the endorsement.

  9. YoshiToshi:

    I am amazed by the HGEA better than HSTA post. What is important, and the point of the article, is that Mufi apparently told the public a WHOPPER repeatedly. With respect to the unions, I am sure that the HSTA members and all the public school families will be appalled by that post. Maybe even HGEA members will be appalled. Moreover, Abercrombie narrowly lost the HGEA endorsement to the point where the head of HGEA apologized to and praised Neil Abercrombie lavishly while endorsing Hannemann. The membership of HGEA likely reflects those split feelings, and may split also when voting. HSTA members solidly endorsed Abercrombie, so might solidly vote for him too.

  10. jaded:

    @Nikki Heat,

    The absentee ballots for Oahu and Kauai were scheduled to go out beginning on Aug.27 — the resignations of Bunda and Hooser triggered the extra days for candidates’ declaration for those counties. While Maui and the Big Island voters started to get their absentee ballots a week ago, voters have until Sept. 11 to request for absentee ballots.

    Union leadership made their choices to endorse certain candidates, but there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence where the rank-and-file are not falling in line. It will be interesting to see how valuable union endorsements will turn out to be.

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