October 31st, 2012

Former Gov. Linda Lingle has rejected public-opinion polls that show her trailing U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono by double digits for U.S. Senate.

The Republican sent a message to her supporters on Wednesday titled “Truth in Numbers:”

We’ve come down to the final days of this historic election and we are seeing my opponent and her political operatives pulling out all the stops to defeat me for the open U.S. Senate seat that they believe belongs to one political party.

Honolulu Civil Beat released a new poll this morning, which shows me with a double digit gap to make up in just 6 days. Like you, I do not believe a word of these polls, which are funded by media organizations and political power brokers who simply do not want to see a moderate Republican in office.

The methodology used by the Civil Beat’s pollster over samples Democrats, using 56% self-identified Democrats. Our nationally-recognized pollster believes this figure should be 42%, based on historical Hawaii exit polling data. They aren’t as far off as the Star-Advertiser (who uses 60%), but they do over-sample key voting blocks including Democrats and others.

You have been with me since day one and I am still confident that we can make history together! Do not be deterred by these skewed polls, which we know are not representative of what is really happening on the ground.

Since my Council days others have said I couldn’t win. Over and over again,  YOU AND I HAVE PROVED THEM WRONG. Our path to victory is positive and strong, and will deliver a stunning result next Tuesday.

I have heard recently from so many supporters who reinforced their unwavering dedication to this campaign. We will win this election with a final, all-out, concerted, high-energy focus on turning out OUR voters. You can make a difference by ensuring your ‘ohana, friends, colleagues, and employees get out to vote for me early. Early walk-in voting is available until Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily.

We also need assistance with phone banking each night at our headquarters statewide (See addresses below). By calling OUR voters you will help me deliver the winning coalition.

You know that this is a tied race and every single vote will matter.


10 Responses to “Truth”

  1. mkz:

    Good for her! Now Hawaii voters will have their say next Tuesday. I am an independent voter and goes with the person, not the party. Last week I was driving and heard such a commotion. I heard so much noise I had to go in and see what the enthusiasm was all about. Linda Lingle was talking story with local residents that were so inspired they wanted to go vote right then and there. I feel momentum. I see someone with the mana’o for us. We need to have a voice in Washington, not a “go along with the crowd” person. I am sure we’ll have a new U.S. Senator on Tuesday. Vote early by Saturday!

  2. Goober:

    The truth will be known the night of November 6th.

  3. NikkiHeat:

    Assuming Civil Beat and the MSM Media Poll methodology are valid (that the samples in both independent polls reflect the expected 60% or so Democratic-lean of those voting), the GOP campaign seems to just want to Keep Hope Alive among supporters. Makes sense. If she pulls up closer to Hirono on Tuesday night she and her supporters can rail at the biased left-wing elite media and keep her somewhat viable to take on Daniel K. Inouye in 2014.

  4. ohiaforest3400:

    Linda Lingle has obviously been drinking from the same hallucination-inducing cup of goo as Karl Rove. Ick.

  5. Chicken Grease:

    November 1st, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    The truth will be known the night of November 6th.



  6. Kolea:

    I can understand Lingle and her people would want to discount the polling data when it shows she is losing. She attacks the Civil Beat poll, which shows her 15 points behind Mazie. CB is just confirming the HNN/S-A poll, which showed her trailing by 22 points.

    Polling is complicated enough that it is definitely possible the polling sample over-represents certain groups and under-represents others. But when Lingle insinuates their is a “liberal bias” in the commercial media, it demonstrates how much she has bought into the Fox News orientation and how false her claims are of being “moderate.”

    Any news reports which conflict with their idealized notion of a white, Christian America dominating the rest of the world, with gays and women and minorities all knowing their place, is denounced as reflective of a liberal bias. Climate change is a “hoax.” ACORN is stealing elections. You can balance the budget by cutting taxes on the rich. The US Navy is weaker than it was in 1916. The polls are being manipulated by liberal pollsters who want to discourage Republican voters.

    While people are weighing the validity of Lingle’s “moderation,” I would remind people when Lingle lost her first gubernatorial election in 1998, she insinuated the voting system had been rigged, that large numbers of non-citizens had been allowed to vote Democratic and that this was done with the collusion of the Office of Elections. The paranoid mindset of the poor, persecuted, even “victimized” Republican was already on full display at that time.

    Lingle wobbles between moderation and reaction, as she responds to different pressures and opportunities which her Republican universe presents her. Her own, true nature, is never spontaneous, always a “presentation of self” rather than a relaxed display of who she really is.

  7. Goober:

    Chicken Grease: You can’t handle the truth.

  8. Chicken Grease:

    Climate change IS a hoax. Gore refuses to debate any scientists who counter his (and, this is using the term losely when it comes to Gore) “theory.”

    Why you think his own party never let him speak at the DNConvention? It probably has to do, in part, with how they agree w/the Repubs’ assessment of him (insert kookoo clock sound here: ___________________).

  9. Goober:

    Can’t handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen.
    Get to be a cooked goose.

  10. Goober:

    Says who a grease? You making up stories.

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