July 31st, 2012

Former congressman Ed Case has won the endorsement of Veterans in Politics International for his Democratic primary for U.S. Senate.

Case is facing U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono in the primary.

From Dennis Egge, a board member for the veterans’ group:

Ed Case shows genuine concern for our veterans, the military personnel and their families residing in Hawaii. He has a record of standing by veterans, and we believe he will work diligently to improve the quality of life for them and their families.

6 Responses to “Veterans”

  1. Goober:

    Maybe McCain (R) will endorse case.
    Senator Inouye a Veteran endorses Hirono.

  2. galekaminari:

    Don’t raise false hopes. Case only cares for himself. He cares nothing for others.

  3. Ed Estlin:

    Just out of curiosity — who/what is “Veterans in Politics International?” Does anyone at the paper know? How big a group is it? How long has it been around? How does the group pick candidates to endorse? What’s the group’s track record?

  4. Auto De Fe:

    Carlisle earns endorsement from Duke Aiona’s Veterans in Politics

  5. GoodOlBoy:

    Surprised Dennis Egge didn’t lead this group to support the only veteran running, retired fighter pilot Col. John Carroll. Maybe it’s generational Navy vs. AF envy.

  6. GoodOlBoy:

    Thanks for the link that led to the SA report Auto… interesting that a group that Aiona has the most political clout would support ex-HRP state convention chair Carlisle and independent Democrat Case. Since Aiona lives in Kapolei and hasn’t demonstrated critical thinking skills in the arena of budget and appropriations over his career, I can see how he would side with the sentimental pro-rail nonsense, unlike the true fiscal champion since the 70s, Cayetano.

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