October 28th, 2012

For the second time this election, former Gov. Linda Lingle’s Republican campaign for U.S. Senate has broken an embargo on the Hawaii Poll.

The Lingle campaign was provided the details of the latest Hawaii Poll on Friday, with the understanding that the poll would not be released publicly until the 10 p.m. newscast on Sunday night by Hawaii News Now. The Star-Advertiser is publishing the poll on Monday morning.

Yet a statement from retired Maj. Gen. Robert G.F. Lee, Lingle’s campaign manager, was posted Sunday evening on the Lingle campaign’s web site calling the poll, among other things, “wacky.” The Lingle campaign also promoted Lee’s statement on Twitter.

The Lingle campaign broke a similar embargo before the last Hawaii Poll was released in July.

The Star-Advertiser and Hawaii News Now share poll details with the campaigns in advance so candidates and campaign advisers can comment. Such comments are typically included in the stories and broadcasts about the polls.

10 Responses to “`Wacky’”

  1. mkz:

    It continues to amaze readers how this blog takes shots at Governor Lingle. My friend just called me to say he has been adding up all the positives comments for Cong. Hirono versus that of Gov. Lingle. Stunning results on the slanted writing. The reporter and the paper is doing all it can to defeat Governors’ Cayetano and Lingle. Sad!

  2. Kalokine1:

    Is the news that the poll is off, or that lingle’s people broke the news that it is off before the 10 pm tv news had a chance to?

    Either way, whose right? How “wacky” is this poll?

  3. CocosChoice:

    I saw the statement on Lingle’s website and it does seem like questionable methodology. This isn’t the first time the “Hawaii Poll” has been off the mark.

  4. Ehu:

    Typical…a very nice pleasant woman ….very well planned public comments ,public appearances – but no depth on issues ..would never speak with anyone who was proposing an issue …at least any democrats — always saying see my assistant about that. …she avoided people and issues for 8 years the net result was 300 plus veto overrides in her years as governor. The previous 40 years we had 1 veto override. …what’s that tell u regarding working with the opposition …Senator Inouye was right when he said she couldn’t nor hasent worked with him in her years as governor so what’s going to change now ?
    Mazie is the right choice she’s a player and is a ” participant ” in the process . LINgle is an “Observer” ….who’d you rather have representing you in DC ?

  5. Kolea:

    As George W. Bush famously TRIED to say, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

    Republicans across the country have been emboldened to lie shamelessly, because they have found no one will hold them accountable for it. Not the voters and certainly, not the commercial media. Case in point.

    Instead of a short mention on you blog, I think the editors, those timid jellyfish who lack the backbone to stand up to power, should write an editorial, calling her out on this. If there are no consequences for bad behavior, it will increase in frequency.

    RIght now, the editors have been “punked” by Lingle, in front of everybody. They can push back, or they can be enablers of dishonesty. The choice is their’s.

  6. Goober:


  7. Chicken Grease:

    October 29th, 2012 at 12:10 pm

    As George W. Bush famously TRIED to say, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

    Obama returns the brain f@rt in 2016: Obama’s America in front of a crowd. His own “hold on now . . . you know . . . now . . . waitaminute” goes on for a minute; well, maybe minutes.

    Then, there’s his first debate performance.

    Then there are a bunch of Biden speakings.

    Intellectual honesty . . . um, again (read: as a reminder), OK?

  8. Chicken Grease:

    Oh, goodness, to the matter at hand. Well. How “breaking of rules” are Lingle’s two (count ‘em, two) instances of breaking of embargo rules? I suppose they don’t break the law.

    They can be construed as “strategy” or “desperation.” A Grease think it’s a little of both.

    Think this race is neck and neck. I don’t believe the skewered polls, either, but, I also don’t think Lingle will get as many votes as she will :) without her having done all the things she has done in this Senate race.

    She might pull this one out. But, Hirono’s the one with the Great Train full steam ahead. Seemingly, Lingle needs to be that pebble on the train track, perfectly and freakishly situated to cause an even greater train wreck come election day.

    Or she could be a chair in the middle of the train track that could end up doing the same damage. Dink!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. ohiaforest3400:

    Ditto, Kolea. Rather than whine about it, the S-A should refuse to share the results of the poll with embargo violators before it’s released. Actions have consequences, or should.

    I, for one, will love it if the poll is right because maybe then Gen. Lee will shut the eff up, at least while he wipes the egg off his face. And only 6 more days before Mrs. Doubtfire’s face is wiped off this mast head.

  10. Goober:

    She could be a chicken that got run over crossing the street.
    Chicken guts all over the road.

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