September 26th, 2012

U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono is out with a new television advertisement in her Democratic campaign for U.S. Senate that ties former Gov. Linda Lingle, her Republican opponent, to GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Th ad uses audio of Lingle telling voters at a Laie rally earlier this month that she would personally vote for Romney, a former Massachusetts governor.

The ad also describes Lingle as a co-chair of the Romney campaign, a description that has aggravated Lingle in the past. Lingle is an honorary co-chair of the Jewish Americans for Romney Coalition.

Lingle, who needs independents and moderate Democrats to compete, has been telling voters that they can choose to re-elect Hawaii-born President Barack Obama and support her over Hirono for Senate.

*Update: Retired Maj. Gen. Robert G.F. Lee, Lingle’s campaign manager, issued this response on Thursday:

Because she has no accomplishments for Hawaii, Hirono is trying to distract voters with discussion of anything but her own lackluster record. Since zero bills she sponsored have become law and she missed 144 votes this year alone, Hirono’s D.C.-style campaign is orchestrated with national party talking points which are being repeated verbatim across the country.

There is nothing original here, but the voters can see through her smoke and mirrors to reveal an ineffective Congresswoman, hiding from her non-existant record. Despite Hirono’s own extreme party allegiance, Governor Lingle has stated time and again that she will not go to Washington to work for President Obama, Mitt Romney, Harry Reid, or Mitch McConnell. She will work for the people who sent her there, as an independent, bipartisan leader.

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  1. Chicken Grease:

    Yeah. Saw that ad on TV over the last few days. Not bad, not bad. Mazie fighting back, fighting back. Like it.

    You know though (we must be objective, yes) . . . think if LL wants to make a big deal out of Hirono’s nose thumb regarding the ” Jewish Americans for Romney Coalition Co-Chair” item — of which Dems would invariably, knee jerk exclaim, “no, no, Mazie didn’t focus on LL’s co-chair as ethnic-based” [akin to how they also exclaim, “misleading ‘Dems for LL’ ad” (see. There ARE Dems in that ad. Right? Wasn’t 100th battalion a major impetus for the 1954 bloodless revolution? The answer is “yes.” Prince Kuhio served this great state a Republican. Why’s something like this not emphasized. Too. — she sure as heck could. She could handle it subtly enough.

    ‘Nother problem with Hirono’s approach — LL is voting for Mitt Romney. I mean, you can hear LL’s “duhhhhhhh!!!!” Throughout the state whenever Mazie’s new ad runs, no? I don’t know what’s behind Mazie’s thinking LL will NOT vote for Mitt Romney, especially with all the “Republican” vs. “Democrat” rhetoric Mazie does (her “I’m a Democrat, this Alaskan Rep’ is a Republican” and “LIngle + National Republicans =”, etc.)

    Like Mazie’s fight. Fight harder. Mazie does too much of “Republican” vs. “Democrat” national style; Lingle has dibs on “no talk stink”. Figure it out.

    Mazie needs to get most of the Democrat votes, which she apparently didn’t enough of in the gubernatorial race.

  2. Auto De Fe:

    Amazing. Lingle is a Republican who plans to vote Republican. This is all Hirono’s got to run on?

  3. Kolea:

    Auto De Fe,

    Getting Lingle to admit she is a Republican who will vote Republican, both for President and for Senate leadership, is all that is necessary for Mazie to defeat Lingle. WHich is why Lingle has been weaving and dodging behind rhetoric about “moderation” and “bi-partisanship” and “working with Senator Inouye as a team.”

    The national Republicans want to obstruct everything Obama proposes and are perceived as being incredibly reactionary and mean-spirited. Lingle wants to avoid being associated with them and whines about Mazie’s attempt to “nationalize” the election. Since you think it is a no-brainer that Lingle will be a loyal part of the national GOP team, how’s about you encouraging Lingle to just say the obvious instead of running away from her GOP allegiances?

  4. Goober:

    “Lingle is an honorary co-chair of the Jewish Americans for Romney Coalition.”

    Is that like another empty chair next to an already empty seat?

  5. Results:

    So even Mazie admits now that she has provided no accomplishments for the people of Hawaii? She just hit a new low point. Interesting move for someone who has skated through the public’s eye for so long as a do-nothing politician.

  6. Chicken Grease:

    September 27th, 2012 at 4:37 pm

    The national Republicans want to obstruct everything Obama proposes and are perceived as being incredibly reactionary and mean-spirited.

    Because every criticism against Obama deemed automatically “racist” is far from being mean-spirited? The Dem’ talking points are showing its melting sugar (what it was made of all this time). Oh, oh, Political Radar‘s got it wrong, now, right? Riiiiiiiight.

    What about Hirono just so happening to conveniently skip that Lingle’s the “Lingle is an honorary co-chair of the Jewish Americans for Romney Coalition” [emphasis a Grease's] in that ad? Wouldn’t have anything to do the ad coinciding with one of the Jewish religion’s most sacred days, now, would it?

  7. Goober:

    “For the first time in Hawaii history neither Senate candidate was born in Hawaii. It’s a fact pointed out by Linda Lingle as she cracked jokes about her background in politics.

    “That was a very unlikely path for someone like me, a haole, Republican, Jewish woman from the mainland. Who knew?” said Linda Lingle.”

    Who’s the racist now?
    Seems one is also “Raising Cane”.
    Rock Candy? Melting sugar?

    The results are not to one’s liking. How would they
    know of Hirono’s past? There were no computers
    so long ago.

  8. Manoa_Fisherman:

    Ed Case, Mufi Hanneman and Linda Lingle should pack up their campaign memorbilia and put them away in storage for good. Like Tom Gill in 1974, the writing is on the wall of the end of political careers and time to “spend time with the family” is the appropriate response for this trio. If they need to find a fourth for bridge or rounding out a golf foursome, Charles Djou is certainly an excellent candidate as well.

  9. Kolea:


    Let’s assess your “intellectual honesty” (remember our discussion earlier) by looking at your statement “every criticism against Obama is deemed automatically ‘racist,’” shall we? Are SOME criticisms of Obama raicst? Certainly? Would racists be more likely to criticize Obama for things they might accept from a white Democrat? Surre. Is the powerful attraction within the Republican base towards “birtherism” and his “foreign ideas” a reflection of an underlying racism? I think that is pretty obvious.

    Does that become “”every criticism against Obama is deemed… ‘racist,’”? Only to a warped mind, sorry.

    I think it is pretty clear the Republican leaders and field operatives have been fan the flames of irrationality among their base for decades, long before Obama became president. Look at how they treated Bill Clinton, spending tens of millions of dollars to try to prove allegations of corrupt investments in “Whitewater” which devolved into a detailed fascination of his specific sex acts committed with Monica Lewinsky. You guys were out to cripple his presidency with little or no regard for its impact upon the interests of the United States. And your obsessions with Hillary Clinton were as irrational and paranoid as the things you folks promote against Obama. Had Hillary been elected instead of Obama, I have little doubt the Right would be engaged in the same sort of effort to destablize the economy and obstruct President Clinton as you folks engage in against Obama. Instead of racist themes being encouraged, they would be playing upon sexist themes. But it would be the same pattern: super=rich rightwing investors would pour money into shadowy PR operations. It was the Swiftboaters against Kerry, it was the various regional “Legal Foundations” financed by Richard Mellon Scaife and the Coors brothers against the Clintons. Now it is the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson and other names which are starting to emerge, who pour hundreds of millions to hire operatives to keep a swath of the population permanently scared and enraged, a mob at the ready to serve the financial lords. With Roger Ailes and Fox News keeping the whole thing focussed according to the strategic plan.

    Yes, the campaign against Obama plucks at the racist fears within the bosums of far too many Americans. And, yes, I guess it is “racist” of the top Republican strategists to follow the approach of Richard Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” and Lee Atwater’s plans to inflame the fears of the white working class in order to have them vote against heir interests. But much of this “racism” is “instrumentalist.” Meaning they would use other “instruments” if necessary, to keep middle and working class whites voting Republican and against their own economic interests.

    As for Mazie’s decision to allude to Lingle’s leadership of the Romney-Ryan campaign in general and to omit her particular leadership of the “Jewish American” coalition, I suspect it is out of fear of being seen as anti-semitic and/or to concern it might cause Jewish voters to reflect upon Lingle’s stronger UNCRITICAL support for Israel’s government. The Lingle campaign and her surrogates have been very quick in the past to accuse Democrats of spreading anti-semitic rumors about her. I do not think you will see ANYTHING coming from the Hirono campaign which even mentions her Jewishness. Even when that avoidance leads to the absurd example of not identifying Lingle’s specific role in the Romney campaign.

    But Lingle’s response, that she is only encouraging JEWISH Americans to vote for Romney and should therefore not be accused as if she is encouraging ALL Americans to vote for Romney is kind of delicious.

  10. Chicken Grease:

    You admit that you only “suspect” (your words, above, no?) kolea. You only suspect. I would guess Lingle’s Jewish-based co-chair topic would have almost certainly HAVE to have been more than suspectly discussed across Hirono’s own war room table. And to not have considered that? How insensitive that would be.

    Here, uh, screams of “criticism against Obama are racist” sources:




    Also, look above. See all the Hirono criticisms? Is the tide turning? Hirono should wonder. Nationalizing this Senate race might not be the key. You know?


  11. Chicken Grease:

    And you know (one more thing, one more thing before a Grease goes to Ricefest http://www.ricefest.com/ ;). I know, I know, a Grease knows all should go in ONE post, ah heh) you cannot deny that Obama supporters would feel free to exclaim “racism” as polemic and defense starting from the 2008 campaign, indeed, offering such charge like how candies are thrown from fire trucks at Christmas time (someboty on one of the Political Radar blog entries labeled thouself as a progressive; well, here’s source from The Progressive onliner):

    http://www.progressive.org/mag_reed0508 :

    Increasingly, Obama supporters have been disposed to cry foul and charge racism at nearly any criticism of him, in steadily more extravagant rhetoric.

    And, aha ha ha, Obama supporters gonna DISOWN this wanton means of argument? No. Don’t even try doing that. Hordes of Obama supporters (past and present) KNOW their side did this during the 2008 election and there’s no erasing it. YOU know that enough Obama supporters did this. No statement from Obama during this election, no “hey, now, we don’t have to accuse racism” (you find a source where he admonished those certain supporters NOT to charge the other side with “racism” in 2008, I’d sure like to see and consider. You won’t find it, though, right?).

    You know it happened. Obama supporters simply cannot deny the liberal (pardon the pun, ha ha) heapings of “racism” against criticisms of Obama during the 2008 campaign happened. If a Grease can take from a Bu’la’ia, “ahhhhhhhhh, cahm ahn!!!!”

    Don’t gimme no “swift boat” of Kerry! Are you kidding me? Obama supporters crying “racism” at many turns was a greatly disappointing thing to see happen.

    They collectively did it. They should own it.

    They just want such incidents to be erased from the past? Erased from the minds of those who read such charges online? Or heard it at outside gatherings and such? Simply ERASED? That’s a shocking thing to know that they’d want such erasure (Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh la moooooooooooooour, oh, a Grease digresses).

    More sources of “Cry wanton election polemic!!!!! And let loose the charges of racism!!!” Of Obama-ites):


    Even “Yahoo! Answers” had a discussion: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081022180733AABrVAR

    Some issues are not negotiable http://www.cc2w.org

  12. Goober:

    Seems by copying and pasting, one is still a genious.
    Not an opinion of one but a plagiarist since I see no quotation marks
    around comment. Not worth the two cents for what is actually a disservice.

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