September 19th, 2012

*Update: Former Gov. Linda Lingle said Wednesday that she does not agree with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s controversial remarks about government entitlements.

The Republican U.S. Senate candidate said people in Hawaii do not believe in labels and that it was unfair to place people in a category. Lingle becomes the fourth Republican Senate contender to distance themselves from the GOP presidential nominee’s remarks.

But Lingle also said that U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono, her Democratic opponent for U.S. Senate, is attempting to use Romney’s comments to nationalize the election.

Despite Mazie Hirono’s best efforts, the people of Hawaii know that this election for the U.S. Senate is about she and I, not Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, President Obama or Vice President Biden.  Mitt Romney is running his national campaign, and I am running my campaign here at home.  Mazie Hirono’s repeated attempts to nationalize this election are proof that she does not have a record of accomplishment for the people of Hawaii and she must campaign on fear tactics and national party talking points, rather than her own plans for our future.

I am not a rubber stamp for the national party and I am not responsible for the statements of Mitt Romney. With that said, I do not agree with his characterization of all individuals who are receiving government assistance, as I know many of them are driven, hard-working individuals who are actively working to better the situation of their ‘ohana. It is not fair to place these individuals into any one category. The people of Hawaii know I don’t believe in labels and I know they don’t either.

Earlier Wednesday, Hirono had condemned Romney’s remarks and Lingle for her previous silence.

Hirono called Romney’s comment about the “47 percent” who will likely vote for Hawaii-born President Barack Obama no matter what because they are dependent on government “deeply offensive.”

From Hirono, in a statement prepared for the International Longshore and Warehouse Union’s state convention:


Let me translate Mitt Romney for you. Romney is saying, ‘If you support President Obama, you’re lazy.  You have no self-respect.  You don’t pay taxes.  And I won’t be your President.’

Here in Hawaii, where President Obama was raised – where President Obama received over 71% of the vote in 2008 – Mitt Romney is writing off a whole lot of people.  People right here in this room.

And my opponent, Republican Linda Lingle – who says she is “proud” to co-chair one of Mitt Romney’s campaign committees – is silent about Mitt Romney’s absurd words and hurtful views.

But I will not be silent.  You will not be silent.  These words are an outrage.  These views are unacceptable.  And, this is just one more reason we must re-elect our island son, President Obama.  And, we cannot allow Republican Linda Lingle to go to the United States Senate.

Lingle, who needs to attract independents and moderate Democrats to be competitive, has tried to avoid being drawn into comparisons with national Republicans. She has endorsed Romney and is one of five co-chairs of the Jewish Americans for Romney Coalition.

A few Republican candidates for U.S. Senate in tight races have sought to distance themselves from Romney’s comments.

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  1. Chicken Grease:

    And they should distance themselves from Romney’s comments. For now.

    Well . . . right now . . . Romney shore looks STOOOOPID right now (oh? All you Lefties surprised seeing a Grease write this out? Really? Surprised? Then, you haven’t been paying attention. Tch. Like I care), no? “Wasn’t expressed so elegantly”, duh, Mitt!

    But, this hidden video from a private fundraiser — and, as long as we’re being all truthful and honest and all in light of this uncovered “hidden video”, let’s just admit that if the exact same thing, that a video caught Obama saying something that was intended to be shown in order to hurt his campaign, what would it be called? That’s right. It would be stamped the word that starts with an R with a C somewhere in the word, which would end with a T; yep. Double standard — this could actually HELP Romney if the Left decides to spin it right through November. Why?

    Because, with regard to that hidden video, what the Mainstream Leftist press fails to bring up is that Romney’s simply expressing what most working-class people are similarly thinking or discussing in the privacy of their own homes (and if THAT concept’s so outrageous to you, then, join the out-of-touchers), which — whether you like it or not — follows them into the voting booth.


    If you wanna talk about words that should SHOCK most of the nation, simply go to the incumbent’s own:

    • Here. High School Musical fan, maybe, Dems are? “We’re alllllllllllll in this togehhhhhhther, hand-in-hand . . .” OH!!! We can also celebrate the following capture’s 4 year b-day today (look at date on video!): http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ge3aGJfDSg4&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dge3aGJfDSg4

    • Also, here. “Like a good neighbor,” redistribution is here?


    Awww. You poor (pardon the pun) working-class (or any other class, for that matter, who earn) who want hard-earned money redistributed. A bleeding heart’s not the same as the color of money, I get you, I get you.

    Think about all the times — yes, yes, Democrats, Republicans, all — have argued about something concerning gov’ment. Has it been more along the lines of “I pay all these taxes, so that, what? All these LAZY AS . . .” OR “HEY! We aren’t redistributing the wealthy’s wealth enough!”

    How many of ya’ll parents complained more the former than the latter exclamation? The answer is, the former.

    The former, indeed. Think this is gonna hurt Romney in the long run to the voting booth? Better think it through. ‘Specially yous with families.

    Romney: simply saying what many Americans think, too.
    Obama: in place to redistribute what you earn (read: got Obamacare scheduled to do that already. What’s next?).

    Good move for Hirono, in short. In long, who cares? Beef up your campaign, Hirono, on the local level, with local issues. Validate a Grease’s forthcoming vote for you and maybe others will vote for you, too.

  2. Chicken Grease:

    Quotin’ a ooooooops, whooooooops of a Grease. Yikes.

    Here. High School Musical fan, maybe, Dems are? “We’re alllllllllllll in this togehhhhhhther, hand-in-hand . . .” OH!!! We can also celebrate the following capture’s 4 year b-day today (look at date on video!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ge3aGJfDSg4&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dge3aGJfDSg4

    Whoops done by a Grease. A Grease whooooooooopsed hisself. Month ahead. Not that video’s 4 year b-day yet :(. But, watch ‘em anyways ;).

    You folks may as well get some more reals here, educate yourselves:
    Real science hea,

  3. Kolea:

    So wait. The Hawaii US Senate race does not have national implications already? So why did the US Chamber of Commerce pour $250,000 in the effort to elect Linda Lingle. Can we can an honest response to this from the Lingle campaign?

    Here’s the answer: they want to help the Republicans take control of the US Senate and see (perhaps “saw” at this point) Hawaii as one of the states where a Republican victory is possible (“was possible.”)

    Is there anything controversial in what I just wrote? Why can’t Lingle be honest about this? Even if she does not want to volunteer this explanation, she should at least stop pretending this election is “national” in its impact because Hirono wants to “nationalize” it.

    And Lingle’s language distancing herself from Mitt Romney is scarcely a sign of independence. This is happening all across the country–SIMULTANEOUSLY– as the National Republican Senatorial Committee is advising their candidates on how to do this in order to avoid being dragged down by Romney.

    This is the same pattern which developed in response to the “legitimate rape” comments made by Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin. In that case, a decision was made by the national GOP leadership to throw Akin under the bus to avoid the taint of his too blunt language. So the National Republican Senatorial Committee advised their other candidates on what language to use to distance themselves from Akin and Lingle, along with many others, used almost identical language and sentence structure to condemn Akin’s comments. That is what is happening here. Now.

    There is nothing “independent” about Lingle’s decision to distance herself. She was given permission from the top and advised to do so. I cannot PROVE this. But it fits the well-established pattern, is a rational interpretation of what is happening–simultaneously– with other Senate candidates.

    The GOP will not take control of the Senate this year. And the way things are trending, they may actually end up losing a seat or two. Unless they can stop the tide of public opinion which is trending against not only Romney, but Republicans generally.

  4. Kolea:

    Ooops. I wrote the Chamber “poured” $250K into her campaign. They poured $750K into her campaign. My bad.

  5. Chicken Grease:

    September 20th, 2012 at 1:53 am

    Ooops. I wrote the Chamber “poured” $250K into her campaign. They poured $750K into her campaign. My bad.

    Heh. Everyboty making mistakes in their responses to this thread so far (yeah, all two of us). No worries, Kolea. ;)

  6. Goober:

    At least for romney, English is his first language
    and not second.

  7. Goober:

    Made my day to think that a grease and kolea are of the same feather…
    (yeah, all two of us)……

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